Narodno Chilalishte "Nikola Vasilev Rakitin 1890"

Narodno Chilalishte "Nikola Vasilev Rakitin 1890"

"Tsar Simeon I" - 10, 2160, Trudovets, Bulgaria - +35971352198

lýsing á stofnuninni/samtökunum

Community Culture centre in the village of Trudovets, 50 km from Sofia is legalized according to Bulgarian regulations and registered at the Ministry of culture and as a non-governmental organization for public benefit. It is with well-established structure, human resources and facilities for training, a library and an ICT hall. A special attention is made to the development of the younger generation. In 2011 we founded a youth club "People to People", accredited by the International organization "People to People"with branches in 135 countries. The mission of the youth club is peace through understanding, tolerance to different religious backgrounds and appreciating cultural diversity. Most of the members are from economically disadvantaged families but ready to help and support children and youths at a risk of exclusion.
Our aims are:
1. To enable youths to develop their fullest potential as responsible citizens in the European democratic society
2. To raise the awareness about human values: solidarity, human rights and volunteering
3. To develop youths’ leadership skills by improving communicative intercultural competencies and soft skills
The young people are united in the ideas and values for respect, tolerance and friendship with people from all over the world. We support our members for self-improvement, social and citizenship awareness raising and are committed to providing favourable conditions for youngsters to take part in trainings, mobilities, exchange visits and to be involved in volunteer activities with disadvantaged. Through non-formal workshops youths improve their competencies and are motivated to implement positive changes in our community.
The fields of activities include:
1. Non-formal education – running workshops: Workshops on Debate, European citizenship, trafficking of human beings, human rights and training young leaders, organizing public debates and competitions
2. Project composition, initiated and run by youths
3. Career development – Junior Achievement programmes for young entrepreneurs
4. Volunteers at the House for disabled children and at the House for children deprived of parental care – regular weekly activities for soft skills acquirement with the implementation of musical therapy.
5. Volunteers at the Day centre for adults – made a project and provided funding for equipping the centre with a laptop and ran computer courses for the adults
6. Volunteers at international events and Europe for citizens town twinning meeting
7. Participation in Youth in Action and Erasmus+ trainings, coordinated by European Youth organizations
The volunteers are friends with the children from the House for disabled children in the village of Vidrare, and the House for homeless children in the village of Razliv, they play with them, participate in joint performances, cplanted trees in their yards.
Our strategic aim is: realization of activities in the social sphere for inclusion of people with special needs.

Народно Читалище “Никола Василев Ракитин 1890”, с. Трудовец, наброява членска маса от 150 члена, от които 25 младежи от 15 до 30 години. Предметът на дейност на читалището е осъществяването на ОБЩЕСТВЕНА ПОЛЕЗНА ДЕЙНОСТ в полза на жителите на с. Трудовец:
1) Развиване и и утвърждаването на духовните ценности, гражданското общество и културата чрез организиране на неформално образование и любителско художествено творчество, танцови, драматични и певчески състави;
2) Разработване и реализиране на проекти, насочени към разширяване на знанията за Европейския съюз на жителите на с. Трудовец и приобщаването им към европейските ценности и постиженията на науката, изкуството и културата;
3) Подпомагане на социалната интеграция и личностната реализация на младежите и възрастните чрез организиране на семинари, доброволчески инициативи и участие в проекти по програма “Еразъм +”, “Европа на гражданите”;
Особено внимание обръщаме на подрастващото поколение като през 2011 г. сформирахме младежки клуб "Хора за хора" , който получи акредитация от международната организация "People to People International".
Клуб „Хора за Хора” в с. Трудовец, състоящ се от 20 члена, съществува и като организация в структурата на Международната организация „People to People International” с клонове в 69 страни, регистрирана в САЩ като нерелигиозна надпартийна организация с идеална цел. ( За овластяване на младежите сме сформирали ученически клуб, отделно от обществения клуб. Всички наши членове са доброволци и не получават възнаграждение.
Нашето лого гласи „Мир чрез разбирателство”. Мисията на нашия клуб е издигане на гражданското самосъзнание както на младежите, така и на жителите от другите възрастови групи от с. Трудовец и участие в национални и международни проекти. Стратегическите ни цели са: реализиране на дейности в социалната сфера – приобщаване на хора в неравностойно положение, сътрудничества със сродни организации в страната и чужбина, насърчаване на доброволчеството и дарителството.

Þátttakendur með skerta möguleika

  • This organisation has a physical environment suitable for young people with physical, sensory or other disabilities (such as wheelchair access and similar.
  • This organisation has additional mentoring or other support suitable for young people with social obstacles, educational difficulties, cultural differences or similar.

viðfangsefni tengd samfélagslegri þátttöku

This organisation is willing to involve volunteers who face situations which make their participation in activities more difficult, from the following categories for different types of project:

Samfélagsleg þátttaka - flokkurMóttaka verkefnaSending verkefnaSamræming verkefnaGististofnun/-samtökSupporting organisation
Health problems
Cultural differences

This organisation is accredited to run projects under Erasmus+ Volunteering and the European Solidarity Corps.

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Æskulýðsmál (þátttaka, ungmennastarf, stefnumörkun)

Intercultural/intergenerational education and (lifelong)learning