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Don Bosco Szalézi Társasága

Don Bosco Szalézi Társasága

Don Bosco Szalézi Társasága

Bécsi út 173., 1032, Budapest, Hungary - +3614532277

opis organizacji

Don Bosco Szalézi Társasága is an organisation which caters to the youth in particular the poor and the needy. The objective of our non-governmental organisation (NGO) is to collaborate with national and international youth movements to uplift, enrich and aid together with sustainable development assistance. Don Bosco Szalézi Társasága encourages human and christian values in the spirit of Don Bosco, the great saint of the young.
The project partners, the Salesians of Don Bosco (SDB) and the Sisters of Don Bosco (FMA), have been working as a Catholic order organisation for more than a hundred years. Today, some 16 000 Salesians and 14 300 Sisters of Don Bosco work in more than 130 countries worldwide. Thousands of children and young people have opportunity to become good and honest citizens.
The organisation is guided by human and christian values and supports fair investments. Don Bosco Szalézi Társasága would also like to contribute to the development of the whole of humanity towards a brotherly community. The objective is abundant life for everyone. This includes: having life's essentials available, freedom from opression, understanding and exploring diverse cultural values and knowledge of dignity.
Don Bosco Szalézi Társasága has 1 office in Bécsi út 173, Budapest and 4 helpers. We organize various charity-activities with and for young people. These activities include sport (inner and outer), music, leadership seminars, free time entertainments, weekend programs, dances, workshops, voluntary work, seminars on different topics (poverty, solidarity, development assistance, fairtrade, teamwork, spirituality....)

Organizacja ta posiada znak jakości Europejskiego Korpusu Solidarności. Znak jakości poświadcza, że organizacja jest w stanie realizować projekty zgodnie z zasadami i celami Europejskiego Korpusu Solidarności.

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Organizacja przyjmująca31/12/2020
PIC: 916886390 OID: E10004263
Ostatnia aktualizacja 25/05/20