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YAP -Youth Action for Peace- Italia (YAP), founded in 1970, for more than 45 years organises international short-, mid- and long term voluntary projects, seminars and training courses for young people and youth workers based on non formal education methodology, hosts and sends young volunteers, realises social communication projects and thematic campaigns. Its structure is based on a network of local groups and partner associations in all Italy. Being a grass-roots organisation and implementing its voluntary actions locally, YAP carries out activities of centralised and decentralised information, communication and education of the youth to citizenship and the European dimension. YAP also contributes to the involvement and sending of socially, culturally or economically disadvantaged youth at risk to non formal education projects aimed at stimulating their personal growth and capacities inside the community. YAP - Youth Action for Peace Italia is member of two biggest networks of International Voluntary Service: CCIVS (Coordinating Committee for International Voluntary Service) and of ALLIANCE of European Voluntary Service Organisations.

Our aims are:
- to promote peace, intercultural dialogue and active citizenship through IVS locally and globally;
- to enable learning opportunities for a wide number of young people regardless of thier prior education or background by inculding them in paths of non formal education;
- to encourage personal growth of young people with fewer opportunities (e.g. economical, social, cultural or geografical) through participation in IVS projects;
- to support local communities and projects of local development by involving young volunteers in concrete grassroots actions;
- to provide young people with tools and methodologies that permit them to be active members of their communities and work together with them towards more inclusive and fair society.

Our main activities are:
- International workcamps: hosting international young people in our projects in Italy (around 30 workcamps organised and more than 200 international volunteers hosted per year), sending young Italian volunteers to the workcamps abroad (around 450 volunteers sent per year);
- Mid- and long term voluntary projects in Italy and abroad;
- Trainings for short and long term voluntary service; trainigs for camp leaders;
- International trainings and seminars on various topics connected with our national/international work's focus (peace, human rights, intercultural learning, youth work, social inclusion, sustainability, migration, conflict management, intercultural and interreligious dialogue, equal opportunities) under Erasmus+ programme;
- Youth exchanges: organising projects in Italy and sending Italian participants to the projects of our partners abroad;
- EVS: sending Italian volunteers and coordinating projects in Italy;
- Support to local projects in the whole Italy through short, medium and long term voluntary service and coordination in the wide international network;
- Informative campaigns
- Youth information about IVS, EU mobility projects (more than 2000 subscribers to YAP newsletter, more than 10000 followers of YAP facebook page)

Our target group is young people between 15 and 35 years old with wide background and profiles (at their first voluntary experience, NEETs, students and qualified young specialists). YAP counts around 400 members and our activities are open to all regardless of ethnic group, religion, sexual orientation, political opinion, etc. Generally speaking the YAP profile is international, inside YAP is possible to meet people from all over the world. Working with different youth subgroups, we pay special attention to young people with fewer social and economic opportunities in order to involve them in social and civic life of the communities.

The main office is located in Rome, in Cinecittà district, which is well known for glorious past of Italian cinema and Cinecittà studios. Nowadays, being one of the biggest suburb areas of the capital, Cinecittà has very complex and hard social background due to missing urban requalification, exclusion of ethnic minority groups and NEET youngsters from social life. Since early 90's when the office of YAP Italy moved here, we always cooperate with local associations, youth centres and schools organizing open days, campaigns, meetings in order to promote voluntary service, intercultural learning and non formal education as tools for inclusion and active citizenship.

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This organisation is willing to involve volunteers who face situations which make their participation in activities more difficult, from the following categories for different types of project:

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Social obstacles
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Volunteering project

Ime projekta Project Dates Rok Status
Don´t dream it, be it
A total of 0 week(s) during the period
mar 2018 to dec 2018
01/03/2018 - 31/12/2018
31/01/2018 closed
Volunteering in the Pyreenes: Conservation of old Paths
A total of 0 week(s) during the period
avg 2021 to sep 2021
29/08/2021 - 12/09/2021
25/08/2021 closed

Ta organizacija je pooblaščena za izvajanje projektov v okviru programa Erasmus+ in evropske solidarnostne enote.

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