"Tautskola 99 Baltie zirgi"

"Tautskola 99 Baltie zirgi"

"Tautskola 99Baltie zirgi'

Skolas iela 2, LV-4132, Drusti, Drustu pagasts, Raunas novads, Latvia

www.brivaskola.lv - +37129450375

description of organisation

Ikskile Free school is a school established and managed by parents. It is part of network of Folk schools in Latvia “Tautskola 99 Baltie zirgi”. School uses holistic approach which devotes equal attention to physical, intellectual, emotional and spiritual development of any person. School provides preschool and primary education to children and it is also a community center offering life-long learning and development opportunities, as well as various events for adults.

School has defined freedom, nature, community and Latvian culture as its main values and it reflects main principles the school adheres to.
Freedom: school uses humanistic pedagogy in its education process, we develop alternative methods and we are gratefula to have freedom to establish a school for our children and to have freedom to choose an alternative school.
Nature: principles of sustainable development are embedded both in the way school is organised as well as in the content of learning. School is part of eco-schools network. Every day we provide organic and vegetarian food for children. We are also hosting a seed library in our school and there is a garden next to school where children and parents grow our own vegetables.
Community: school has grown to be much more than just a school, it is a community center for people living in the surrounding area. We organise cultural events (concerts, celebrations), we have regular classes for adults (crafts, yoga, language classes). The school is also hosting a direct buying point where local community buys organic food directly from farmers, we also organise restaurant nights for local community to promote healthy food.
Folklore: school life is organised according to the sun calendar, we celebrate Latvian traditions, traditional song and dance are part of school life. All children learn to play some music instrument.

There are 70 children attending the school and 40 families. School is located in wonderful surroundings allowing children to experience and live in nature, learn from it and to develop into independent, curious and caring adults.

Intercultural learning is a significant part of the learning process in the school. Children start learning foreign languages and are introduced to other cultures already in preschool. The school hosts foreign volunteers to help to bring permanent presence of intercultural awareness to learning process thus contributing to competences of children and teachers necessary in today’s globalized world. Hosting a volunteer also have a benefit to the local community of Ikšķile, as school has close cooperation with local community and local government.

Hosting a volunteer will also open an opportunity to develop closer cooperation with partner organisations and possibly school would develop more international projects. Also volunteer will gain valuable experience and knowledge in alternative education, organic catering, cooperation with organic farmers. Volunteer will be welcome to participate in school trips, special interest evenings, parent and children evenings and events and that way there will be more options for socializing and learning Latvian culture and traditions.

Participants with fewer opportunities

  • Other experience, infrastructure and resources:

    Skolas pedagogiem ir pieredze ņemt vērā izglītojamo īpašas vajadzības, katrs bērns tiek izvērtēts un mācību metodes piemērotas atbilstoši tam, kā bērns labāk mācās. Līdzīgs princips tiktu piemērots arī brīvprātīgajam.

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This organisation is accredited to run projects under Erasmus+ Volunteering and the European Solidarity Corps.

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Last updated on 22/02/21

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Environment and climate change

Intercultural/intergenerational education and (lifelong)learning