Computer Association JMV

Computer Association JMV

Österleden 169, 261 51, Landskrona, Sweden - +46720358797

description of organisation

Computer Association JMV is a non-profit (NGO) organisation in the south of Sweden that is party politically and religiously independent. We focus on education to young people and to bridge the gaps between different cultures. Our purpose is to develop competence, inspiration, cultural activities, cooperation and to socially include volunteers who wish to participate in volunteering in Sweden and internationally. We have a main vision with hosting volunteers and that is to get another cultural dimension to our activities. Everyone should have equal opportunities to use information technology as a means for increasing knowledge, democracy and equity. Our organisation aims to be a resource centre for volunteering and a contact point for organisations and public agencies aswell as working with EU-projects. Computer Association JMV wants to help to strengthen and preserve the individuals social network and contact, mostly aimed for young people. WHAT WE DOWe have cultural activities where we arrange cultural events with music and art in all forms. Our organisation also actively promote the development and use of IT in the society. We are also hosting lectures for people about various topics that are ongoing in the society today (culture, integration, immigration, IT-society, democracy, inclusion equity). Computer Association JMV wants to establish contact across generations. The volunteer will have the opportunity to learn more about culture and the IT-society in Sweden. There is also opportunities to work in a team, how to plan and execute events that are related to culture or IT-society (how does culture work in Sweden and how does the IT-society work in Sweden in correlation to culture). We can also provide with the opportunity to gain social competence by working and meeting new people in all ages from different backgrounds. With them meeting and working with many different people, the volunteers will improve their communication skills and learn how to better cooperate with other people and eventually being able to establish a social network.

This organisation is accredited to run projects under Erasmus+ Volunteering and the European Solidarity Corps.

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PIC: 919867976 OID: E10081943
Last updated on 07/01/21

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Intercultural/intergenerational education and (lifelong)learning

Creativity and culture