Javni zavod za sport, turizem, kulturo in mladino Medvode

Javni zavod za sport, turizem, kulturo in mladino Medvode

Javni zavod Sotočje Medvode

Ostrovrharjeva ulica 4, 1215, Medvode, Slovenia

www.zavodsotocje.si - +38613626220

descrizione dell'organizzazione

In 2008 Municipality of Medvode established Public institution Youth centre Medvode. With this youth got youth centre called Club Jedro, which is the main meeting point for local youth. In 2013 Municipality of Medvode rearranged Youth centre into Public institution for culture and youth Medvode. With rearrangement our institution got management over Culture Centre Medvode, Birth house of Jakob Aljaž and monuments of NOB in Medvode municipality. In 2015 members of municipal council accepted the draft to merge public institution for culture and youth and institution for sport and tourism Medvode. New name of the organisation is Public Institution Sotočje Medvode. With this merge our organization became the main local organization for sport, tourism, culture and youth. Vision of our institution in the field of youth is accessible, friendly, healthy and opened youth centre for local youth, which offers spatial and technical infrastructure, activities and projects which motivates youth to participate in local environment and enables them to develop in their life and professional path. Our organization is co-financed by the municipality Medvode and council of youth. Organisation also rents infrastructure to different organizations, companies and individuals for different activities. Organization also offers comprehensive infrastructure support, advising and assisting with tenders to local youth organizations. We are also main local organization for informing youth in field of mobility and informal education of youth.
Our organization manages ten infrastructures:
- Club Jedro (youth centre): is intended for implementation of youth and cultural programs, youth projects, socializing and quality spending of free time. Jedro is 357 m2 space which can accommodate up to 350 visitors per event. There is also café, bar, backstage and wooden stage available for performers and visitors of club Jedro. The club is equipped with sound system and lighting for concerts, mixing desk, free of charge Wi-Fi and video projectors and screens for film projections.
- Cultural centre of Medvode: main cultural place in Medvode with theatre and cinema hall with 196 seats, attic with offices and café bar Kavarna Sotočje.
- Studio / rehearsal room: a space where 14 music groups rehearse. There is also recording studio for music projects, video workshops and animations.
- Birth house of Jakob Aljaž: museum and gallery.
- Tourist Information Centre: informational support of Medvode, bicycle rental, trip organization for local public and tourists.
- Nordic centre Bonovec: sports and recreation centre of cross-country skiing.
- Sports hall Medvode: sport events on local and national level, concerts and entertainment events. Users can use big sport hall, small sport hall, dance hall, fitness and multipurpose hall.
- Football field: sport events on local and national level. Use for the purposes of a local football club.
- Natural swimming area Sora: It is natural swimming area on the banks of river Sora. Each year we add new activities and infrastructure to the place.
- Sports field and Pump-up track. Athletic polygon with playground and running track

With participation in ESC programs, we want to encourage local environment and youth to actively participate and collaborate in local environment. Through ESC projects we want to present work of our organization and present possibilities to participate in different activities and events, which are organized in our municipality. Through ESC we want to present club Jedro to local youth as safe place to spend quality free time. We want to give new activities to youth through multimedia workshops in primary schools and in club Jedro. At workshops youth will gain informal education and experience, which will benefit them in building their work carrier in the future. We want to present different cultures to local environment that they gain interest to diversity of Europe in participation outside of Slovenia. We want to become support organization and encourage local youth to participate in ESC projects abroad. Main target group is youth, age between 10 and 30 years. We also want to encourage as many citizens as possible to participate and be involved in creation of various activities in local environment.

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Point and shoot - Multimedia workshop
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