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description of organisation

Caucasus Youth Nexus – “Caynex” is a non-governmental, non-profit youth organization, which provides implementation of European and liberal-democratic values into the civil society for its further development, protection and respect common human rights and rule of law. Also protection the rights of ethnic, sexual and other minorities in order to increase integration process, on the regional and global level. Our goals are to establish links among Caucasian nations and other world regions, simultaneously for maintain peace, security and integrity, to avoid new conflicts and resolving old ones. Our objective is to improve the level of political culture and its role in society. The main aspiration of CAYNEX is to struggle for cultural inheritance of Caucasus and its future development for new generations; ''Caucasus Youth Nexus'' got huge experience in the field of youth, since we organized plethora of educational initiatives for young people and especially for internally displaced persons in our country. Members of our organization participated training courses and youth exchanges under the program of "Youth in Action" and "Erasmus+" topics such as human rights, development of democratic institutions, democratic elections, peace-building, trafficking, conflict resolutions, women rights, sex and gender, music, sport, digital story-telling and etc.
Target Groups: Youth with fewer opportunities (with social, economical, educational, financial and geographical obstacles) International students, Georgian students, Georgian school pupils, Internally displaced young people (from conflicted areas of Georgia; Abkhazia and Samachablo), youth from rural areas.

Aims of the Organization:
1. Spreading and Implementation of European values into society
2. Supporting development of civil society
3. Supporting development of democracy
4. Promoting rule of law
5. Spreading of principles of internationally recognized human rights
6. Protection of ethnical, racial, sexual, religious and other minorities rights, increasing level of integration into society.
7. Supporting young people living in rural areas and regions of Georgia
8. Increasing level of education and access of respective information
9. Promoting the dialogue and interaction among youth living in Caucasus
10. Promoting non-violence ways of conflict resolution
11. Promoting of Cultural and Social values.
12. Increasing political awareness
13. Promoting healthy life-style
Mission of Organization:

Increasing level of education among youth, and accessibility of education. Protection of Ethnical, racial, sexual, religious and other minorities rights, increasing level of integration into society. Support young people living in rural areas and regions of Georgia. Co-operation with young people living Caucasus region

inclusion topics

This organisation is willing to involve volunteers who face situations which make their participation in activities more difficult, from the following categories for different types of project:

Inclusion categoryReceiving projectsSending projectsCoordinating projectsHosting organisationSupporting organisation
Geographical obstacles
Cultural differences
Educational difficulties

This organisation is accredited to run projects under Erasmus+ Volunteering and the European Solidarity Corps.

Scope Volunteering

Role Expiry date
PIC: 949435710 OID: E10092699
Last updated on 11/01/22

Organisation topics

Youth (Participation, Youth Work, Youth Policy)

Intercultural/intergenerational education and (lifelong)learning

Environment and climate change