Asociacion Xeracion

Asociacion Xeracion


Almendra 9, 15402, Ferrol, Spain - +34684126167

description of organisation

Xeración is a cultural association active in the field of youth mobility since 2013. Since then we have
coordinated more than 20 Erasmus + / CES projects and we have participated as partners in more than 50 projects. In the
European Volunteering field we have been an accredited entity since 2015 in sending and hosting volunteers
transnationals. We have sent 12 Spanish volunteers to different projects throughout Europe and we have welcomed
more than 50 foreign volunteers. Regarding the reception of volunteers, we have a team of mentors
and coordination experienced in managing intercultural shock as well as supporting personal development. What
As managers of the Ferrol Youth House, we organize a varied program of cultural activities (such as
language exchanges, cinema forum, artistic workshops ...) aimed at young people in which we integrate our
foreign volunteers. There is also great potential to develop new initiatives based on interests
of our volunteers. Both our office and the dedicated apartments have the necessary characteristics and
Enough space to host up to 12 volunteers at the same time.

Xeración is a non-profit organization that since 2013 works to achieve the following objectives:
- Promote and facilitate the geographical mobility of young people (at European and international level), students and workers
(especially those with fewer opportunities).
- Promote social cooperation and volunteer projects both locally and internationally
- Develop in youth critical thinking and democratic participation in society
- Promote values of tolerance, human dignity, multiculturalism, solidarity and justice in the economic and
- Promote healthy lifestyles among young people
- Protect the environment by promoting sustainable lifestyles
- Support intercultural dialogue
- Provide youth services.

Following the principles of "Education for Sustainable Development", our activities focus on the development and execution of projects both locally (in the city of Ferrol and more generally in Galicia) and internationally aimed at people between 18 and 30 years old. Thus we develop initiatives in the form of educational, cultural and environmental activities, international training courses, labor mobility projects and cooperation projects.

These activities have allowed us to establish stable and successful alliances with public entities and organizations both locally and internationally. We also support other organizations with objectives similar to ours with the
in order to improve the quality of your projects.

This organisation holds a European Solidarity Corps Quality Label. The Quality Label certifies that the organisation is able to run projects in compliance with the principles and objectives of the European Solidarity Corps.

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