Asociación para la Participación, Oportunidad y Desarrollo

Asociación para la Participación, Oportunidad y Desarrollo

Asociación P.O.D.

Fray Juan Jesus 48, 38400, Puerto de la Cruz, Spain - +34601387365

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P.O.D. Association’s mission is to organize actions of promoting, sustaining, supervising, volunteering, participating, etc. necessary for the sustainable development of society in accordance with national guidelines and examples of good practice worldwide in the following fields:

a. continuing professional education and training
b. promote health, sport, science, arts, traditions, culture and preservation of monuments of national heritage
c. environment and nature protection, agriculture and tourism
d. economic, cultural and social development
e. supporting public works and infrastructure
f. assistance and counseling individuals and companies
g. youth education.

P.O.D. works in training and education, mainly addressing youth and adults, at different levels, for which we use non-formal education.
At local and regional level, we are working in the development of competences of young people for a better integration in the labor market, their active participation in society, but also for personal development through cultural projects that support the closeness between the youth and different art forms - theater, music, street animation, etc. We organize local workshops to promote human rights and sustainability, but also to develop specific competences among the youngsters.
Additionally we participate and host European mobilities of young people (Erasmus+ / KA1) on topics related to youth participation, addictions, health and sport, environment, human rights, TIC, employability and entrepreneurship.
We support the professional development of youth workers through the implementation of local and international training courses (Erasmus+ / KA1). We use a wide range of non-formal education methods, in order to increase the quality of the activities offered to youth.
Our target group consists of youth professionals, people interested in the welfare of the youth, and young people, including those with fewer opportunities (i.e. people who face social barriers, financial barriers, disabilities, learning difficulties, cultural differences, health problems or geographical difficulties), immigrants and refugees.

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This organisation is willing to involve volunteers who face situations which make their participation in activities more difficult, from the following categories for different types of project:

  • Social obstacles
  • Cultural differences
  • Geographical obstacles

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Community development

Climate action, environment and nature protection

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