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Debrecen Nagytemplomi Reformatus Egyhazkozseg Immanuel Otthona es Fejleszto nevelest. oktatast vegzo Iskolaja

Debrecen Nagytemplomi Reformatus Egyhazkozseg Immanuel Otthona es Fejleszto nevelest. oktatast vegzo Iskolaja

DNRE Immanuel Otthon es Iskola

Pacsirta u. 51., 4029, Debrecen, Hungary - +36 52 530 027

opis organizacji

The Immanuel Home was founded in 1991 thanks to parents and specialists/professionals joining with the goal of providing room, space and "home" for those children whose parents were struggling with the problem of being rejected by every institution because of the condition of their kids. The main profile of the institution is to take care of 85 seriously disabled children and young people (between the age of 6 and 30) as a day-care centre; it is also open for those who fell out of the education system. The day-care centre is open from Monday till Friday.

The 40-member-staff includes 12 special education teachers and conductors, 10 special education teacher assistants, 5 nurses, 4 physical therapists, 3 medical masseuses, 1 pastor, 2 administrator, 1 financial manager and 2 porters. They are working with small school and developing school groups of 5-8 seriously disabled children where they provide special education and conductive education and development for them. There is all different kind therapies provided: motion therapy, hydro therapy, healing massage, speech therapy, communication therapy and music therapy. The children have the opportunity to sing in the Home’s children choir or play music, dance in the folk dance group. We have a new initiative which is a dance group and theater group for people with wheelchair.

Clients can participate in many creative activities: pottery making, candle making, casting and cast painting, paper bailing, playing with clay, weaving, etc. For the young adult age group there are activities to prepare them to the independent living. The home is a church run institute; we also offer bible studies, confirmation for youngsters and pastoral care.

In the institution our pedagogical works and therapies are also expanded by the programs of „Tanév Rendje”. During the autumn season we start with a grand opening church service, and then harvest festival and after that there is a so called Day of the Reformation.
During the winter season there is an international day for disabled people in December, Santa Claus day, and we have some creative afternoons in the advent period. Of course in the institution there is a Christmas celebration and the carnival closes the winter period.
In the spring time, we have the national Revolution and War of Independence day int he 15th of March, international Mothers day, The day of Earth and The day of Health.
At the end of the school year, there is a closing celebration with church service.
In the summer period we have thematically organized weeks and therapeutic weeks where we work with the disabled, these are usually the following themes: sport week, swimming week, religious studies week, creative week, dog therapy week, cultural week.

In order to help everyone in a most needed way and to give the help that is suitable we need all the helping hands around here. In our institution we have 3 types of volunteering, one of these is Erasmus+ volunteering. Beside that we have volunteer programs for high school students and we also do volunteering actions but these are irregular programs, where the event is public, so much more help is needed, for e.g. the day for animals etc. In each cases we prepare the volunteers and inform about the rules and protocols.

In the life of the institution we think it is important to improve the social skills and that the disabled people take part int he life of the community and vica versa. For this reason we also like to organize programs not int he institution but for eg. in museum, exhibitions, theater or anywhere int he city. To raise awareness we organize theater productions that are interactive and also organize flash mobs to show these to everyone and especially for students studying int he social field.

zagadnienia związane z integracją

This organisation is willing to involve volunteers who face situations which make their participation in activities more difficult, from the following categories for different types of project:

Kategoria integracjiProjekty przyjmująceProjekty wysyłająceProjekty koordynująceOrganizacja przyjmującaSupporting organisation
Social obstacles
Cultural differences

Organizacja ta jest akredytowana do realizacji projektów w ramach wolontariatu Erasmus+ i Europejskiego Korpusu Solidarności.

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