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Helligkorsvej 2, 4000, Roskilde, Denmark - +4546371982

description of organisation

Gimle is a music venue, cultural café, youth cultural house and student house in Roskilde, Denmark. Gimle hosts an individual EVS project, with five EVS volunteers from different European countries at the same time, and the project lasts for twelve months.
Gimle presents approximately 400 arrangements annually, mostly concerts, but also comedy, spoken words, debates, workshops, children's arrangements and so on. The arrangements are presented on Gimle's 3 stages: Tanken, the main stage, has a capacity of 550 people, the basement stage has a capacity of 150 people and the stage placed in the cultural café has room for about 60 guests.
Gimle's cultural café is open six days a week, and is the core of the EVS project. The EVS volunteers' main task is to run Gimle's café day by day, help in the kitchen and assist with Gimle's other events.

Gimle's activities are mainly run by a team of volunteers consisting of around 100 active volunteers, who are primarily youngsters between 18 and 25 years old, with help and advice from a small group of staff. Gimle’s volunteers run the café, do stagehand work, bartend at the concerts and so on. The EVS volunteers become part of this team both in relation to work and social activities, and the EVS volunteers thereby contributes with an intercultural dimension to Gimle and the cultural life in Roskilde.

Through culture, food, music and events, the EVS volunteers are integrated in a cultural environment and young Europeans learn about one another’s cultures and traditions. Through the project the EVS volunteer has a great chance to develop social skills, language skills, experience with bartending and cooking, skills about organizing cultural events and learn how to run a café and music venue. The EVS volunteers are trained to be independent and flexible and will get different courses such as i.e. a hygiene course certificate. The skills and experiences gained in Gimle's EVS project can be helpful for the EVS volunteers' future job search.

No specific skills are required, but an interest in cooking, bartending, music and events is a must.

Volunteering project

Project name Project Dates Deadline Status
Music, Venue, Volunteering Project in Denmark
A total of 16 week(s) during the period
Jan 2020 to Aug 2020
13/01/2020 - 01/08/2020
08/11/2019 closed

This organisation is accredited to run projects under Erasmus+ Volunteering and the European Solidarity Corps.

Scope Volunteering

Role Expiry date
PIC: 945231051 OID: E10027581
Last updated on 01/04/19

Organisation topics

Entrepreneurial learning - entrepreneurship education

EU Citizenship, EU awareness and Democracy

Creativity and culture