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eWorld Community

Dimitar Vlahov, 32, 2300, Kochani, North Macedonia

www.eworldcommunity.org - +38978754890

description of organisation

Acting as a non-profit organization in the ICT sector and being a first of its kind in Macedonia and in the region, eWorld Community would like to raise the awareness of the local and regional institutions that not everything has to be made for a financial contribution, especially products of public interest. We have members and local volunteers in our organization that are already working on various projects for greater goal than the financial benefit, creating software solutions that are beneficial for the entire society and are entirely free. This way we are sending strong message that our intentions are purely helpful for our society by engaging young and ambitious members from it, to improve their knowledge in the ICT sector and by implementing this knowledge to create a social benefit.Furthermore, we are looking forward to promote the volunteering even more strongly among the youngsters in Kocani and beyond by hosting volunteers from other countries - participants in the EVS program. This way not only that we`ll contribute to our society to develop better relationship with citizens (volunteers) from other countries, but also to help the volunteers to learn something about our culture, customs, language, tradition and etc. We are looking forward to host volunteers that will be engaged in various activities (described below) and non-formal learning of web design and other related fields of ICT. Our society has already proven to be very hospitable and friendly to our EVS volunteers and to other youngsters from another local NGO's that already hosting volunteers for quite a long period of time, and all of their volunteers are being accepted and warmly welcomed from the entire structure of our society. In our previous work with EVS at the local level we have achieved very positive results in the local community and beyond. Since we start hosting EVS volunteers from February 2014 till now we have achieved the following significant success in which were included our EVS volunteers:- We have developed more than 10 free websites for local schools and other non-governmental organizations.- We have organized three multi cultural concerts in which were included our volunteers together with the Music school from Kocani, and together we make a youth exchange in Turkey in accordance to transfer the same success in there as well.- We have organized free foreign language courses for the local society in which our EVS volunteers take part as a teachers on their mother languages. Through this courses, eWorld Community has handed more than 20 certificates to the local participants.- We had activities in cooperation with the association Mobilnost from Kocani to help people with disabilities.- Our volunteers with their work on our EVS project had received great experience in computer competence, communications skills on higher level in deferent languages and great cultural experience.Our motivation to send youngsters from our town to other European countries, as part of the sending option in this program, on the other hand is another noble activity for contributing our young society members to have the opportunity to experience the volunteering activity abroad, where they can gain knowledge and learn a lot of new things in many different areas of their interest. This way the volunteers from our organization that will be sent abroad will share their experience and knowledge gained with the rest of our society.

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Welcome to Gaziantep
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May 2018 to Sep 2018
15/05/2018 - 11/09/2018
01/10/2018 closed

This organisation is accredited to run projects under Erasmus+ Volunteering and the European Solidarity Corps.

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