Independent Journalism Centre

Independent Journalism Centre

Independent Journalism Centre

Sciusev Str.53, MD2012, Chisinau, Moldova (Republic of) - +37322234236

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The Independent Journalism Center (IJC) is a non-governmental organization (NGO) that provides assistance to journalists and media institutions in the Republic of Moldova. IJC sees its mission in supporting professional journalism and aims at contributing to the consolidation of a qualitative, independent and impartial press.
Our main activities are:
Media Law and Policy: (Offers consulting services in the field of media legislation, offers in-court representation, provides legislation analysis/expertise, monitors abuses of the freedom of expression and the rights of journalists);
Assistance and Professionalization of Media: (Works out and implements training programs for journalists and trainers from different media, participation of foreign and local experts, administers different journalistic competitions, organizes annual survey “Ten Journalists of the Year”.)
Training: (Works out and implements IJC Graduate Journalism Program – the Chisinau School of Advanced Journalism (;
Research and Publications: (Publishes a biannual analytical bulletin Mass Media in the Republic of Moldova, in Romanian, Russian and English, manages content of the web portal Moldova Azi (, commissions surveys and polls on relevant issues, etc., offers journalists Internet access and a library that contains around 50 publications from the Republic of Moldova and special literature from abroad)
IJC also hosts the Press Club, meetings which are organized together with the Committee for Press Freedom.

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Independent Journalist Centre in Moldova
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Find Your Way at Independent Journalism Centre
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This organisation is accredited to run projects under Erasmus+ Volunteering and the European Solidarity Corps.

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