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Zveza Studentskih Izobrazevalnih Drustev AIESEC Slovenija

Zveza Studentskih Izobrazevalnih Drustev AIESEC Slovenija

Zveza AIESEC Slovenija

Vojkova Cesta 63, 1000, Ljubljana, Slovenia - +38640647921

opis organizacije

AIESEC is an international, non-for-profit organization for youth present in more than 117countries and territories.
AIESEC members understand the value of diversity in teams, team work and networking. AIESECs purpose is to through team experiences, leadership experiences and international experiences develop entrepreneurial and responsible leadership. AIESEC is using non- formal and participative learning methodologies to activate young leaders, by giving them practical leadership experiences.
In addition to providing leadership positions and delivering conferences, AIESEC also runs an exchange program that enables young people the opportunity to live and work in another country.
AIESEC in Slovenia is applying to become a host, sending and coordinating organization.

Our core motivation comes from different reasons: 1) Who we are as an organization; 2) Increasing the number of opportunities for youth; 3) Capacity building of our organization.

1) Who we are as an organization:
AIESEC is the world’s most prominent international platform for young people to explore and develop their leadership potential and have a positive impact on society. We are currently present in over 124 countries and have around 90.000 members worldwide. AIESEC members understand the value of diversity in teams, teamwork and networking. Thus AIESEC is using informal learning methodologies to activate young leaders, by giving them practical leadership experiences through its programs – team member program, team leader program, global community development program and global internship program.
The partnership with EVS brings us one step forward, as it makes possible for us to have the european perspective in our organization. EVS makes an important contribution to the acquisition of skills and competencies and is therefore a key instrument in providing young people – members from our organization with opportunities for non-formal and informal learning with a European dimension.

2) Increasing the number of opportunities for youth: AIESEC in Slovenia wants to reach out to more people in Slovenia and abroad and we believe our cooperation with EVS can vastly support this goal. Our partnership with EVS supports intercultural dialogue both directly and indirectly - directly with the volunteers working in Slovenia with Slovenian volunteers and also with the AIESEC exchange participants living in Slovenia from all around the world; indirectly because the main activity in AIESEC are international exchanges and all the activity in the organization supports the realization of more AIESEC exchanges.

3) Capacity Building for our Organization: Finally, it clearly contributes to support youth activities by increasing the capacity of AIESEC Slovenia, bringing new knowledge and abilities that the volunteers possess.

More specific reasons, to apply for each of the accreditations are:

Hosting Organization – we want to facilitate the reception of volunteers in Slovenia, both to work directly with AIESEC or also with the Slovenian Community, in short-term group projects, as well as more long-term projects. Some members in our organization have experience in organizing this type of projects, with AIESEC in Norway, and we want to implement and bring this knowledge into Slovenia too. We have already been hosting organization in the past and the person coordinating or responsible for the projects run through EVS, we have a large data base and Good Case Practices where the person who will be in charge will get the knowledge and preparation for it. Plus, we have a special cooperation wherein a member from AIESEC Norway gives some induction and prepares our EVS coord. responsible better. In overall, this person in charge is always in touch with our EVS volunteers and is also directly working with them (to check they are fine and also checking up their work)

Sending Organization – we want to capitalize on the AIESEC network on a European level and increase our level of cooperation with those countries, by focusing on sending Slovenian youth aged 18-30 years old abroad on a volunteering experience with AIESEC or other accredited organizations. We already have established processes to recruit and follow-up on students abroad and when they return to Slovenia, so we would like to use this experience to help reach out to more people in Slovenia and provide them with unique international experiences. the EVS responsible will check on the quality, preparation and tracking of the volunteer while he/she is abroad.

Coordinating Organization – we want to facilitate projects in Slovenia with our sister organizations in other countries. We attend country-meetings in AIESEC’s International Congress, in order to get to know more about the projects of our sister organizations for the upcoming months, in case our project is approved. Getting the experience of coordinating this type of projects will help us gain more knowledge on project management in our organization.

Ova je organizacija akreditirana za vođenje projekata koji su dio volonterskih aktivnosti iz programa Erasmus+ odnosno Europskih snaga solidarnosti.

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