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End of mobile roaming charges

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End of mobile roaming charges
The European Parliament have announced that mobile roaming charges for EU consumers will end on June 15, 2017, enabling them to call and transfer data across borders from another EU member state for the same cost as at home.

From 15 June 2017 you will be able to use your phone abroad without being hit by a massive bill when you get home. While roaming charges have been reduced in recent years, the fear of post-holiday phone bills still scares many of us, but hopefully this will soon be a fear of the past.


Parliament and Council negotiators agreed on wholesale price caps at the end of January 2017. The caps are significantly lower than those proposed by the European Commission. Wholesale price caps define how much telecoms operators can charge each other for using their networks to carry cross-border “roaming” calls.


Parliament and Council agreed on the following caps:

  • €0.032 for voice call, instead of the proposed €0.04;
  • a gradually decreasing cap, from €7.7 (15/06/2017) to €6 (01/01/2018),  €4.5 (01/01/2019), €3.5 (01/01/2020), €3 (01/01/2021), €2.5 (01/01/2022) per gigabyte instead of €0.0085 per megabyte (or €8.5 per gigabyte); and
  • €0.01 for text messages, as proposed by the Commission.

The deal is a necessary step towards the full abolition of retail roaming surcharges, which will enable consumers to use their mobile phones in other EU countries just as they do at home without paying extra fees.


For more information, read the European Parliament's press release.


No more phone bill fears? It must be time to find out more about going abroad!


Published: Mon, 27/02/2017 - 12:42

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