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Study, work, volunteer outside Europe
“I haven’t been everywhere but it’s on my list.” – Susan Sontag. Isn’t it time you discovered the world? Find out more about how you can study, work and volunteer outside of Europe.

The world is an awfully big place; the only way to explore it is one step at a time. But not all of us have the opportunity or funds to simply travel, and others may prefer more structure to their adventures.


Studying, working or volunteering abroad are all excellent ways to see the world while gaining indispensable life experience – and they give you something invaluable to write on your CV.


Thinking about taking a step in one of these directions? We’ve compiled some ideas for you to give you inspiration:



  • The Erasmus+ programme is now offering universities International Credit Mobility funding, meaning you may be able to go anywhere in the world, so long as your university has a partner. To find out where you could go, take a look at the Erasmus+ participating countries.
  • The British Council offers study abroad opportunities for a range of courses and countries. You can find opportunities to do everything from studying yoga in India for three weeks, to receiving a scholarship to study your masters in Mexico for a year.
  • Websites like have a fantastic way for you to search for Study Abroad Programs by level, type and country. They give you the option to search for Gap Year, High School, Undergraduate or Graduate level programmes.



  • With the British Council, you can also work as a language assistant all over the world, from Argentina to Austria. Language assistants have year-long, paid placements and usually have light teaching hours, leaving you a lot of time to explore your new city.
  • Websites like are a great place to look for vacancies in all sorts of industries all over the world. Despite the name, a lot of these jobs are not just for summer. So whether you want to be a sous-chef in an Italian restaurant in Bali on a yearly rolling contract or work in a kids’ camp in France for a month over summer, there will be a job for you!
  • There are also companies like that organise package work and volunteering programmes. You can do everything from interning in Australia to bathing elephants in Thailand. These packages give you a balance of helping communities, seeing the sights, meeting people along the way – and some of the opportunities are paid too! You also have the security of letting someone else organise it for you.



What are you waiting for? Start thinking global and discover the world.


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Published: Mon, 20/06/2016 - 18:36

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