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Benefits and perks of a university year abroad

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With graduate jobs as competitive as ever, a year spent studying or working in Europe is one way to get ahead.

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In recent years, universities have begun offering four-year sandwich courses allowing students to take a break from their degree and complete a placement year or a year working or studying abroad.

Increasingly students are deciding to use this as a chance to experience living abroad for the year and reap the personal and professional benefits of such experience. 

Why are so many students deciding to take this route?

It’s a great addition to your CV
Extra experience will often stand out to recruiters, not only does it usually mean you’re able to speak another language, but that you’re most likely going to be a confident, adaptable and flexible person, making you a desirable employee.

You’ll be forced to learn a new language
Living in another country makes it much easier to learn another language and you’re likely to pick it up much quicker living in the country and not just learning it in a lecture hall.

The experience of a new culture
When you go on a week-long holiday, you’re likely to try out the local cuisine, maybe visit some historic sights, but living in another European country allows you to get involved in the culture of that country, increasing your cultural awareness. 

The ability to network 
The phrase it’s not what you know, it’s who you know comes to mind. Meeting people in different countries means you have a network of people. Furthering your career prospects and perhaps helping you find a graduate job. 

With the personal benefits and development, as well as increasing your employability, a year abroad seems something to consider as a university undergraduate!

If you’re considering a year working or studying abroad, check out these websites for more information, tips and opportunities:



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Published: Wed, 03/10/2018 - 18:23

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