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Time to Move 2018 recap –here’s what happened in Europe and in the UK!

Time to Move - Discover ways to experience Europe!

Another exciting edition behind us – time to look back at all we have achieved, and, of course, time to move!

It has been the fifth time that Eurodesk organised its annual information campaign, Time to Move. Via the campaign around 200 000 young people got to know about international studying, volunteering and traineeship opportunities, with numerous events taking place in the UK.


British Youth Council's fair with Eurodesk stand


The format of the campaign has been the same ever since it was launched in 2014: making young people aware of the opportunities they can grab abroad, in an entertaining way. Among the activities organised in the UK, participants could find some not so traditional information events such as a board games evening, virtual reality travels, postcards writing session, a Halloween performance or various art workshops but also a number of events like school and university visits, international evenings at local cafés or information stands at fairs.


ASHA Centre and their event "Combatting the Radical: A Community Performace"


All activities were run by trained Eurodesk information experts, always ready to have a discussion and help young people to find the international project most suitable for their needs. Over the course of one month (or in the UK, almost 2 months as some of the events came in series of sessions) nearly 280 youth organisations joined forces and organised 1000 online and offline events in 35 countries, with around 50 events in the UK.


UK Young Artists City Takeover in Nottingham


The campaign specifically targeted young people from non-city environment, who do not usually have access to youth information and NEETs (young people Not in Education, Employment, or Training), who would benefit from a mobility experience. Time to Move not only offered them useful information about international opportunities but also made them aware of local Eurodesk information points as guidance spots, should they feel the need to have a discussion about their future projects.


Youth Work Unit Yorkshire and the Humber in action


As an additional incentive, for the second time Eurodesk organised the Time to Move T-shirt Design Contest. Young people, aged 13-30 were invited to compete with their design using a technique of their choice, and have the chance to win attractive prizes (including an Interrail pass) and have their design featured in the future editions of the campaign.

Eurodesk UK also hosted their very own Stand Out in a Global Market event on the 23rd of October 2018 in Birmingham. In order to reach more people, we were also answering questions about volunteering, working, travelling and studying abroad every Friday in October via Instagram stories.


High Oak Youth and Community Centre delegation enjoying Eurodesk UK picture frames during Stand Out in a Global Market.


See you all same time next year? Let’s beat the 1000 events! And in the meantime, if you would like to go abroad, contact your local Eurodesk information point.


Visit Eurodesk UK website for more information on a range of topics as well as news, opportunities and events relevant for the UK. You can also get tailored advice by asking a question and a Eurodesk officer will get back to you within 3 working days. Subscribe to our newsletter and follow us on FacebookInstagram and Twitter to be up-to-date with the latest news about youth policies and opportunities for young people.

Published: Fri, 30/11/2018 - 18:21

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