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EuroPeers UK: 2018 in a nutshell and 2019 at a glimpse

Now that festivities have begun, we would like to kick off celebrations by reflecting on the achievements of EuroPeers over the past year as well as, looking at the exciting future ahead!

Article submitted by EuroPeers UK.


For those of you that may be staring at your screen with a blank expression… EuroPeers is a network led by young people (aged 18-30) that encourage and motivate other people their age to take part in mobility projects through the Erasmus+ or the European Solidarity Corps programmes.

Everyone deserves the opportunity to spend time in another country as part of their education. It is in our national interest that young people should see and understand the wider world, so they become future leaders, citizens, employees and entrepreneurs who can contribute to the prosperity, security and reputation of the UK” .

Above all, EuroPeers is about freedom of speech and movement, working in a team, adapting to different environments and developing cultural awareness by collaborating with a mix of individuals from various countries.

If this hasn’t convinced you yet to join the network, you may want to have a glance at the work of EuroPeers in 2018.


EuroPeers UK in Strasbourg


EuroPeers UK was launched in 2016 under the umbrella of Momentum World. Since then, the network has experienced a massive development due to all the events, training courses and fellow people who embraced and shared EuroPeers’ vision to provide a space for dialogue and learning without borders.

At the moment, the EuroPeers community has members scattered all across the UK. And what a better way to celebrate than organising an annual Network Meeting. Where? In London - the perfect hub for diversity and multiculturalism. Over the course of a day, back in April, the participants engaged in debates about the future of Erasmus + programme in the context of Brexit, but also workshops and brainstorming sessions about ways in which they could fulfil their potential, contribute actively to further widen the network and make an impact.

Whether it is locally - representing EuroPeers at a university fair or handing out flyers in your neighbourhood - , regionally - attending a training course and exchanging ideas and best practices with other EuroPeers - or even nationally - organising a promotional campaign - , the type of impact you aim to bring has benefits not only for the community but for yourself too.

And the higher you aim, the better the rewards are - or so it works in the EuroPeers network. Soft skills gain more and more field nowadays and the types of activities and events you can run on behalf of EuroPeers give you a range of aptitudes useful in any career path you intend to pursue. From essential communication skills to time management or leadership potential, there is a bit for everyone.
This is why the most active members get a chance to involve in the National Council and participate in international training courses such as the one organised in September in Hannover, Germany or the 4th European Network Meeting in the city of Viljandi, Estonia.

In a world where exercising the right to vote has been neglected on a large scale by young adults, EuroPeers promotes activism and citizenship in a DIY method. We bring to the table fresh and creative minds and look to inspire and innovate. It may sound cliché, but in case you have doubts, look at what other EuroPeers had to say:

I passed the best moments of the year with EuroPeers in 2018. It was like a chapter from a book that I never wanted to end. I now know what it's like to reach out eagerly and without fear for a newer and richer experience. I believe that is how the world story evolve. And I want every young person to live their life, not to miss out.” - Nurjahan Ema

In the transition from the university bubble to the real world, being surrounded by a network of people who value international experiences provided support and made it feel possible for me to embark on my current EVS adventure.” - Ellie Devereux

EuroPeers UK meant so much for me this year. I feel definitely more confident and more willing to take on different challenges after participating in their events. I started my EuroPeers Uk journey from a small networking event in London and now we are closely working together to deliver more international opportunities to young people.” - Mihai Degeratu


So, what is next?

The EuroPeers UK network is up to new challenges as far as 2019 goes. We are looking forward to hosting our first International Training Course in Britain.

The training course will bring together EuroPeers from across Europe, to look at The European Solidarity Corps programmes that have opened up huge possibilities for young people across Europe. As this was too good of an opportunity to miss, we thought we would also get in on the action.

As the saying goes - the more, the merrier - so this is exactly what EuroPeers UK has in mind for 2019. By enabling European Solidarity Corps participants to also join the network, this can only mean more opportunities to cherish the prospects of living abroad, making international friends, learning a new language or simply allowing yourself to relax and enjoy a good time.



Still not convinced to join EuroPeers, but you’d like to keep an eye on our activity?

We like the idea of spreading the word via every channel and medium possible, so to see the latest updates, please  subscribe  to  the  EuroPeers newsletter or  get  in  touch  with  EuroPeers  UK  at - you know, one thing at a time.

By Teodora Agarici


Published: Tue, 27/11/2018 - 11:58

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