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NHS Youth Forum

NHS England officially launched a brand new Youth Forum in 2014. Comprising 20 Young People recruited from across the country and linked in to a Facebook network of many more young people, the forum aims to provide a voice for young people.

The  young people work with NHS England, Public Health England and Department of Health to work in partnership with us to improve the services for young people.

Using this approach to build youth voice in the NHS we hope to bring young people's views, ideas and experiences into the heart of our work.  As well as the individual members of the forum, we are using social media approaches to widen involvement and participation.

The purpose of the Youth Forum is to:

  • Listen to young people's experiences and ideas for improvement
  • Work with a diverse range of young people who can bring their perspectives and experiences of healthcare services to help us understand and improve services.
  • Seek advice from young people about national programmes of work in the NHS

Information about the Youth Forum can be found here (http://www.england.nhs.uk/ourwork/patients/yth-for/ ) including a short film about the priorities that the forum will tackle this year. You can meet your 2015/16 NHS Youth Forum members here (http://www.byc.org.uk/uk-work/nhs-england-youth-forum/meet-our-members.aspx#.Viohq36rTIU ).

The forum will work closely with NHS England's Board to deliver their objectives. The delivery of the Forum is supported by the British Youth Council and a reference group of a wide range of youth sector partners. This group will also be part of the emerging NHS Citizen programme - a network of people and patients who can work with us to improve healthcare.

You can join in the conversation on the NHS Youth Forum’s Facebook page - https://www.facebook.com/NHSEnglandYF

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