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The benefits of reading

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Euan Berry, Abigail Harris and Annie Williams write about how reading is something everyone can enjoy Content provided by British Youth Council

The National Literacy Trust has just published a survey saying that 90% of young people say that they really enjoy reading. With the rise in popularity of websites that sell second hand books and young people having access to libraries and mobile libraries, reading is an accessible hobby for young people.  With many books, such as Gone Girl and the Millennium Series being rewritten as screenplays and having great success in the cinema, reading is becoming more popular.

A 2013 survey suggested that 62% of 16- to 24-year-olds prefer reading printed books to ebooks on an e-reading device.  Many young readers are casting aside their e-reading devices in favour of the ‘old fashioned’ book for various reasons: “I like the feel of a book when reading”, “I like to feel the product”, "I like the smell" and "I want full bookshelves".  Many schools encourage reading by holding competitions and awards.

The rise of celebrity authors such as David Walliams is also making reading popular with younger children and pre-teens by playing on humour whilst also targeting modern and poignant subjects such as, a boy who enjoys cross-dressing, and the reactions of his family and friends which is the theme of his book The Boy in The Dress.

By Euan Berry, Abigail Harris and Annie Williams

Published: Fri, 23/10/2015 - 17:36

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