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Living on your own

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Leaving home for the first time is never easy. Here are some basic tips to help you avoid any trouble.

The majority of 20-29 year-old Europeans (55.6%) still live with their parents according to a recent Eurostat survey.


Finding somewhere to live

If you’re living at home but about to move out, make sure the rent on your new accommodation is reasonable. Rent prices vary enormously between countries (and cities), so check the Global Property Guide to compare average rents in Europe. Eurostat also has some more general statistics on housing in Europe.


When choosing a neighbourhood, think about how safe it is, how far you’d have to travel work or study, and what the transport links are like. If you’re thinking of moving abroad, check this other article for more tips.


If you’re planning to share with others, try and find flatmates with a similar lifestyle to you (do you like partying, or do you spend a lot of time studying?). Get to know your neighbours – they might be able to help you if anything goes wrong.


Check and double-check

Make sure your bedroom has good heat and sound insulation and plenty of natural light. Check the doors lock properly and that the fittings are of good quality (e.g. PVC double-glazed windows) and in good working order. When you move in, locate the electricity trip switch in case you have a power cut.


Read the contract carefully, including any small print. Check if the rent includes bills, if you can leave before the contract ends and if any furniture (if mentioned in the contract) is in good condition. If you don’t understand legal language, ask for a clear explanation or check with someone you trust. Learn more about your rights as a consumer.


Look after your home

The state of your home can affect your health. Clean and vacuum regularly to avoid breathing problems and take out the rubbish at least once a week (check the collection days in your city). Close all doors and windows when you leave the flat, and protect the environment by not wasting electricity or water.

Published: Mon, 23/11/2015 - 17:29

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