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Structured Dialogue in the UK - the basics

©Stef Etow
©Stef Etow
Structured Dialogue is the process where your voice and your views are taken to decision-makers in Europe and at home here in the UK.

Eight Young Ambassadors, elected by young people to represent the National Youth Councils of the UK

● British Youth Council - UK and England

● Scottish Youth Parliament - Scotland

● Northern Ireland Youth Forum - Northern Ireland

● Wales - we are currently looking for new partners after the closure of Funky Dragon

work locally and nationally to bring together the issues young people care about and to put these on the agenda in Europe and the UK.  The 2 Young Ambassadors from each of the Nations of the UK come together to work as one team of UK Young Ambassadors.  You can find out about them, their roles and all of their work by visiting

Structured Dialogue happens in cycles lasting 18 months and will cover three Presidencies of the European Union.  The topic of Structured Dialogue is set by a European Steering Committee consisting of representatives of the National Youth Councils and Youth Ministries of each Presidency country along with representatives of the European Youth Forum and the European Commission.

Over the course of the 18 months the UK Young ambassadors consult with young people from across the UK and meet with decision makers from the various UK and Devolved Governments.  They also attend EU Youth Conferences with other youth representatives and decision makers from across Europe where they advocate on your behalf and work to create joint recommendations  that are taken forward to influence European and national government policy.

Published: Tue, 13/10/2015 - 11:58

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