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How to avoid from depression?

Depression is nowadays most serious mental disease. Here are the some tips how to avoid depression from our lives.

First of all it is important to not to think too much about events that happens in our lives. It is important to keep calm. Too much stress is decreasing our productivity and decreases happiness level. Making exercises like walking or jogging helps to have a positive attitude. Take care of you health and watch a diet with making exercises is important because during depression periods people unfortunately eat too much unhealthy foods and reject to make any exercises. Health is the most important thing in human life and we need to preserve our health care. Until we will feel ourselves ready in order to make any changes, it is advised to put off big decisions.

People usually blame theirselves during crisis times but this is not helping for reducing depression's negative impacts. Another important point is believe in yourself and never give up ! Being a volunteer in some organisations or organising charity events may help to feel yourself useful.Being grateful, reconneting with friends and hang out with them, having enough time for rest and especially for stress are other tips.

Don't forget that everything is depends on you. Think positively, see positively :)

Zveřejněno: pá, 05/07/2013 - 10:11

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