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From the beginnig of the life till today the words “discovering, inventing” have been a mystery, a step to the unknown. On one hand discovering new places, inventing new products, methods made us surprised, on the other hand it makes us fear, worried. Hence the ones who manage their fears and search about new things always gain and the ones who hesitates to go one step ahead watch these new things.

I always wonder: what if Evliya Çelebi didn’t decide to discover after his well-known dream or what if Edison gave up trying after his 100th experiment; could we able to know about any places in Turkey or could we able to use something like lamp? I guess, if Archimed hadn’t run on the streets by shouting “eureka”, people would have been used to fear about seas, oceans for more centuries.  

When we look back to the past it is easily seen that explorers, inventors were the ones who always search and think. And what they invented or discovered caused good or bad things for them. In today’s world  learning, discovering, improving are not hard as in the past. People don’t need to perform alot on learning new things. They don’t need to go to America like Christopher Colomb or  Dietrich Pinning for months, internet makes them go there. Life is being easier for people day by day.

Eurodesk is also a good organisation which makes life easier for people of Europe. It informs young people about new opportunities of Europe. With Eurodesk’s communication network every young person in Europe can be an “explorer”, an “inventor”. I'm sure they will…


Written by the Eurodesk Turkey Multiplier Orta Anadolu Kalkınma Ajansı

Paskelbta: A, 25/02/2014 - 12:46

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