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Art Spaces in İzmir

Are you interested in İzmir and its art spaces? This article is written by Cynthia Parra González, EVS Volunteer of Punta Youth and Sports Club Association. Enjoy it!


Izmir has host art and culture from many civilizations in history. It has been developed and became a cosmopolitan and lively city nowadays when a good range of art and entertainment is held.

Art gives a medium for artistic expression, it protects and strength cultural values of heritage and history and enhance community engagement and participation.

 The different spaces that Izmir encompasses for art are aimed for emerging artists to create and produce their artworks. There are continuous programming and attempt to expand their pieces, promoting innovation and entrepreneurship in an individual or group sense as well as spreading new ideas and creations.

The importance of settle artworks in a place or in another differs in the desire of the artist to show how he wants to link his emotions throughout the channel of his pieces with the audience and the opportunity that he has been offered to display in.

Among the places offered in Izmir there are Art Centers like Ahmed Adnan Saygun Sanat Merkezi. It was created with the idea of fulfilling the needs of Izmir in the field of contemporary architecture, audience capacity and technical equipment. In this modern infrastructure a main chamber and rooms for music, painting and photography come about.

In Train Stations such as Basmane Tren Garı an example of temporal exhibition “Basmane  Around History, Culture, Art and Archaeology Days”, different photographs displayed showing topics related to society, streets and art in Basmane neighborhood.

The open-air museum  Agora.  Agora is a place with ruins. Historically it means a meeting place, market, commercial area or bazaar. It is a structure surronded by collumned galleries with a large courtyard in the center in which there are some statues such as graves, chapiters, rest of columns and gates most of them remaining the Roman Era.

İzmir Resim Heykel Müzesi ve Galerisi , art and sculpture museum,  consists of a wide room where the permanent exhibitions are displayed, a gallery hall where changing exhibitions are held, painting, sculpture, ceramics, photography and restoration workshops, and a specialized library on plastic arts.  

On the other hand there are cultural centers like Italyan Kültur Merkezi that was designed to promote the Italian language, art and culture to contribute to the advancement and close linkage of Turkish-Italian relations. In Marco Goldoni’s room there are temporal displayed paintings, handmade works and photographs.

In terms of Art Association, IFOD – Izmir Fotoğraf Sanatı Derneği  is the model of the institution that gathers professionals and amateur photographers to undertake performances, panel discussions and exhibitions.

Last but not least, Maquis Projects, Particular urban area located in Kemeralti, the historical bazaar, offers cover and opportunities for individuals and collectives to create meaningful cultural, art and social material to be illustrated in the place.


     Cynthia Parra González, EVS Volunteer of the Eurodesk Qualified Multiplier-Punta Youth and Sports Club Association.



Published: Thu, 26/12/2013 - 17:10

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