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Eskişehir City Guide

Here you can find Eskişehir City Guide- one of the most attractive student city in Turkey. Enjoy!

 Important Notice:  This guide, you can easily to use expert a manual in Eskişehir, has been prepared by emeritus city historians, completed students of second and third year and a group of young people.

Good of you to come, WELCOME!

I know there is a lot of questions and problems in your mind. I’m going, but where I’m going ! What do I do ? Where to stay ? What is the place ? etc.

I know because I asked too. So, we wanted to share what we know.

Come on, Let’s go !

If you’re looking from the outside to Eskişehir; We have all the facilities for you here. Detailed look at this address (www.tepebası for information apart. Where to stay longer to decide. Calmly make your choice. Now it’s time for growth! You're going to learn to live alone in a city.

You're going to need some stuff, you’re student. You can choose the students selling items. For them, the walls glued to the ads look. Search for internet sites. And in baskets... You can see more furniture stores around, don’t forget to go Bayat market, it’s close to the Yıldız stop, describe who you ask anyway. Make bargains, If necessary the purification J

Other than that, great shopping centers, in Center of City or Hamamyolu, You can have fun shopping in places such as Grand Bazaar. There's a place you can find everything you want on the cheap, Çarşamba bazaar , the famous ÇARPA. Ride the tram from Ataturk Boulevard and follow the crowd.

Nearly all trains, bus stop is located in Eskişehir. Don't forget to take vacation time tickets early. I go, you're standing too say. Inner-city transportation mostly tram, bus, minibus and a bike. Being the owner of a “ESKART” easier. Take the required documents and go “Bilem” after take a ESCART. Bilem addresses if you do not configure this setting the last guidance. There's plenty of riding a bike in the bike path.

In the meantime, I will explain the truth. If the Anadolu University engineering and architecture, BESYO, the civil aviation departments or preparation except you are not Yunus Emre campus. Read Two km west of the city on the campus of September 56394. But fear not, you will enjoy the Red 4 with transportation. Of course, many different settlements Osmangazi University. Meşelik, Bademlik and Çamlık…

Yes, you think of as your mother but is there anyone here who thinks you. Warm up in the morning and open the mind to both the youth center every day from 7: 30 to 9: 30 pm free soup. Don't forget to take your soup on my way to school. In this city you can find a lot of taste. There are millions of Tantuni. Don’t forget eat Çibörek.

A bit of fun, dance, music. Adalar, Vural Street… There's a lot of space, according to explore yourself. In the daytime, at night safe and alive. Concerts at the track. You can find cheap opera and theatres in Haller. There are cinemas in Anadolu University. Change something in your life to read at the University. Maybe even you can change the world.

In hindsight, of course. A tourist city of Eskisehir. Little Venice. The city of sculpture. City-love it. You put name it. Hants County homes, the archaeological museum, the Museum of glass and the historic Museum, Air Museum of the Republic. There are worth seeing. Of course also the Phrygian Valley. Kentpark, Çamlıca and Sazova parks are the places where the other beautiful. For transportation, 29-39 number of buses. This is a student city, there's a lot of young.

Eskişehir weather is variable. Summers are very hot, but all of a sudden rain. Winter is very cold. If you love the heat forces but you get used to it.

Tap water undrinkable, Kalabak juice drink. You here Aircraft ringtones  every day. Then this sounds like a Lullaby for you. İn İnönü Training Center can join the courses.

If you know you're going to love this place, the right to use. Parents let of cozy , this is the ideal place for your children.

You get bored come chat  May 19 Youth Centre in the municipality of Tepebasi. There's also a free course here. In case you're wondering, look (www.tepebası ) . We can do a lot together.

Now you're even a little View, see you soon.


Written by Eurodesk Turkey Qualified Multiplier, Eskişehir Tepebaşı Gençlik Merkezi


Paskelbta: K, 12/12/2013 - 15:42

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