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Every Age Is Good For Learning

Do you want to have individual and vocational education whatever your age is?

Do you want to have individual and vocational education whatever your age is?

Public Education Centers within Life Long Learning General Directorate of Ministry of National Education provide the ones who have never had formal education, give up their formal education or be in any part of it with the opportunity of taking part in the events organized to improve their vocational and personal development in line with their wishes, interests and needs.

The events of Public Education Centers are organized at any time and place and continue for all year including evenings and weekend.

Privileged intended populations of the Centers in the events are;

  • The ones who are analphabetic, have deficient basic education and give up formal education because of any reasons,
  • The ones who have gave up at any part of formal education,
  • The ones who have finished any formal education institution,
  • The ones who want to complete, renew and improve knowledge and talents they have gained by the way of formal education,
  • The ones who will go abroad to work and study,
  • The ones who will start any work,
  • The ones who are working,
  • The ones who are under legal restriction.

As well as training courses, educational events and workshops are also organized in Public Education Centers. Such educational events as seminars, conferences, panels, symposiums and exhibitions, support programs trainees need are also organized. Some of the organized support programs in the courses are promoted by such activities as of entrepreneurism, civil defense, human rights and democracy, maternal and child health.


For training courses, contents of support programs and communication information of Public Education Centers in our region: http://hbogm.meb.gov.tr/


Written by the Eurodesk Turkey Multiplier Gaziantep Eğitim ve Gençlik Derneği.


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