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Would you like to continue your education abroad? You are curious about your career path? Check this web site, and find universities and colleges from over 190 country.

BrainTrack is a higher education and career resource with worldwide reach. It features a directory of the world’s universities and colleges with over 13,000 institutions listed from over 190 countries. The site is the oldest (since 1996) and largest directory of universities and colleges on the Web. BrainTrack’s goal is to help visitors make better decisions about their education and careers.

Thousands of global sites, including hundreds of colleges, libraries, government agencies, and publishers link to BrainTrack as an authoritative resource. Many of these sites write about the value of BrainTrack for their visitors. BrainTrack also features in-depth coverage of United States higher education with comprehensive listings of thousands of post-secondary schools. All US colleges and universities listed on BrainTrack have accreditation recognized by the US Department of Education. Schools are organized alphabetically, by state, by careers, and by religion

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