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European Federation for Intercultural Learning

Information on short and long-term pupil exchanges, giving children a chance to attend school in another country and to live with a host family. Click on EFIL Members and find out more about the member organisation in your country.

The EFIL Strategic Directions 2013-2020 outline long-term objectives that EFIL Members will profit from and that will increase the profile of AFS in Europe. Ultimately, the aim of EFIL’s activities is to support its Members in promoting the concepts ofactive citizenship within the context of intercultural education among their participants, volunteers and staff.

AFS context

As a Federation of European AFS organisations, EFIL’s role is defined by the needs of its Members. It therefore operates in the context of the AFS Strategic Plan that the AFS world wide network defined at its 2000 World Congress in Brussels. The ultimate objective of the EFIL Strategic Directions is to help realise the AFS Strategic Plan, Vision and Mission. It does so by supporting and strengthening the operations, financial situation and reputation of its Members.

The European context

EFIL and its Members work towards similar goals and aim to contribute to Europe’s future by providing intercultural education to residents in Europe. In EFIL’s European landscape, the European Union and the Council of Europe are the main drivers for integration. Both institutions strongly promote European citizenship and the active participation of European citizens in the continent’s life. These institutions are EFIL’s core Partners for European fundraising, policy-setting and sharing.


The 28 Member Organisations of EFIL participate in a network of partner organisations, with operations covering 56 countries worldwide, coordinated by AFS Intercultural Programs. For full list please check EFIL.

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