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After youth exchanges, local projects and seminars, my next destination was...

After youth exchanges, local projects and seminars, my next destination was a Training of the Trainers organized in Minden, Germany which especially aims at improving the experience and knowledge of youth workers and youth leaders within the scope of youth works.

Training consisted of several productive and effective activities in which you may find pretty intensive and enriched speaking and information-sharing sessions. The majority of the participants were individuals who have been already actively taking part in various associations and youth centers. Most of them had chances to participate in European Voluntary Service and several youth exchanges.

Like me, they were interested in learning creative and enjoyable methods, unlike the conventional and monotonous project sessions, pretty different forms by improving themselves in the area of youth works. In fact, a lot of sessions in the program were packed with unique and unusual activities. Project trainers had different occupational fields such as personal development, economics, business & finance and they had pretty high communicational skills.

During the training, I had a chance to attend various sessions which were especially about how to create effective youth projects and programs and what kind of infrastructure that we need to prepare during the implementation phases. These sessions were full of effective presentations and speaking tactics, the subjects and activities which encourage people to challenge themselves and find an alternative way to avoid from being in their comfort zones. In short, the training was full of intensive team activities that included encouraging new education methods, which were pretty beneficial for me. Thanks to this program, I could be able to move away from my comfort zone and have a chance to think about the subjects and ideas which were pretty unfamiliar to me.

One of the greatest contribution of the training to me is that I could be able to excel at public speaking with more self-confident. I could also observe that, no matter what the subject is, how a small idea or information can get bigger and effective cumulatively with the help of inspiring peers.


Hatice Kübra ÇELİK

Yıldırım Beyazıt University, Ankara - Turkey

Published: Tue, 14/04/2015 - 10:20

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