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A Week In Poland...

A road that I go alone and a country that has experienced a different culture and language...

I participated in a training course on 26-30 October 2014, in the capital of Poland, Warsaw which is called “EuroPeers”. The education was applied in a small town of Warsaw. It’s name is Konstancin-Jeziorna. It was a great experience for me. There is a road that I go alone and a country that has experienced a different culture and language.

I arrived to Poland one day before from course. At that night, I stayed in an apartment. I lived my first experience at this stage. I searched location of the apartment until late in the evening, then I reached a happy ending with the help of a Polish student, his name was ‘Kim’. In the next day evening, educators would take us from meeting point but we met with some of participation and we started to visit to city. Some of symbols of the Warsaw is Palace of Science and Culture, Old Town and historical streets. After the little city tour, it was meeting time and we came together in front of the Palace of Science and Culture.20 young people from 9 countries, Turkey, Italy, Poland, Germany, Lithuanian, Latvia, Ireland, Estonia and Iceland. Acquaintance scene in here was even the harbinger of a good education.

After a short trip we were in Konstancin. We checked in our hotel and met with our trainers. We had a fantastic team thanks to funny motivational games at that night. Marta, Kuba and Agata of trainers were from Poland, Sabrina was from Germany. It was obvious that they were expert trainers on their department and they were intimate and very good people.

We had a busy schedule for three training days. The purpose of the training was to help the youth that experienced Erasmus convey their experiences to the other young persons and to create a EuroPeers chain. The group work topics which we really practiced were actually addressing not only to Europe, but also to whole world. Education, democracy, religion, traditions, personal development and more a lot. Of course, we didn’t spend our all time in studying. 9 different countries mean 9 different language and 9 different culture. We were talking about our own values in free time and during the group working. In fact we had taught the meaning of ‘Maşallah’ a few of participants, then we saw sometimes that they could use this word during the education. The most important awareness was experienced in this programme and we lived one more awareness with wonderful culture night on last day. While I was leaving from Warsaw, I had anymore unforgettable memories, a door that can go in 8 countries and significant experiences.

At departure time, sadness of all of us showed that we have been a very successful team that can work well. Hospitality, sincerity, love and respect were exactly unforgettable in there. Also, pleasure of seeing a new country and a new city were untold thanks to this project. I will never forget the taste of the coffee in the Old City, the unbearable cold of the Wisla river, historical streets of Warsaw and ‘Kim’s help. So thanks for this nice and expressive week to everyone that provide chance in Poland!

Mustafa Kürşat ŞAHİNER     

Published: Tue, 23/12/2014 - 10:55

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