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'The European Sting '– keep abreast of European politics

What's happening in European politics? What impact do EU decisions have in Europe and the rest of the world? 'The European Sting' offers a broad overview of these topics.

'The European Sting', free online, is a new democratic and independent political newspaper focusing on European affairs.


Set up and run by experts in EU affairs, 'The European Sting' is unique in its independent stance. Its articles are more detailed than those you'll find in other newspapers and designed to give you a broader understanding of complex issues. They seek to present the facts as objectively as possible.


Topics include EU politics, economics, foreign affairs, business and ICT.


'The European Sting' aims to enable EU citizens to engage in a dialogue for a better Europe – a dialogue that is both constructive and critical. As a reader, you can publish critical stories and express your views freely. You can also take part in key debates through social media.



Gepubliceerd: Do, 03/12/2015 - 16:02

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