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So this is my experience, and I'm enjoying it.

My project of EVS is related to the disadvantaged children it the town area. this is my experience, and I'm enjoying it.

Irene Itria

GEGED – Gaziantep

5 Months EVS Volunteer

October 2014 – January 2015



My project of EVS is related to the disadvantaged children it the town area.Basically the project involves the voluteers in teaching and improving children and youngsters approach to the english language and other subjects such as environment and gender topic.Gaziantep is a big city, 2.5 million inhabitants, it is a big city but at the same time it is full of tradition. The biggest experience here is just walking trough the old bazaar and understand how thick is culture here.My average day starts at 10, I meet other volunteers and we start  preparing the activities. Not all the volunteer join all the activities, since activities are many, usually on the monday meeting we decide who is going to do each of the activity of the week.

The activities are: Conversation Club in High School, School for disadvantaged Syrian Kids (Kindergarden, Primary and Secondary Level) English Course for Afghans Young Ladies, English Course for Afghans Young Kids, Animation with kids of the Oncology Hospital of Gaziantep, Animation and sustain to Leucemic Kids.The schedule that our menthor (Eda Takmaz) prepares, gives your timetable of the week. Even if perfection is difficult to achieve, we could say tat everybody is giving is best to make things work properly.


Usually my average activities of the week are about the school for syrian kids and afghan ladies.Syrian Kyds are many (more or less 15) and of different ages (from 4 to 10). Each of them has got a specific level of preparation so the most difficult thing is to keep them quite and toghether. Since they don't do the same thing, it's easy to loose concentration. Basically I try to give them english basis and math basis, since they don't go to school I thought it was the minumum for them to at least have some tools to achieve someday knowledge by themselves.For each, as I said, the level is different, so while somebody still learn how to drow letters and numbers, others multiply or divide in simple operations.Kids are very loud, but at the same time they are so lovely and willing to learn, I really appreciate spending time with them and they always bring me little drawings as gifts. Of course communicating with them is so hard since they speack arabic, and I don't. Luckly we have some volunteers from Giordan and Tunisia that help us with that.


Afghan Ladies is a group of 6 young Ladies (from 17 to 22 years old) from Afghanistan living in Gaziantep since 2011. They are smart and beautiful and they are scholarized. Their level of english thou is really weak, but at least they can write letters and understand basic words. Teaching to them is hard, sometimes I use google translator to find corrispondences in Farsi, but their willing to know is so high that we manage to understand each other even without a language in common. I'm teaching them since 6 weeks and I can really say we made a lot and I had a big satisfaction out of it. Hope they have the same feeling.I'm sleeping is a room in the first floor of the association building, so i'm always in touch with the activities going on. Others volunteers sleep in some other flats. You can choose according to availability of place.

So this is my experience, and I'm enjoying it.


Good Luck.

Published: Sat, 01/11/2014 - 18:23

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