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I’m Iurii Kazakov, I am an Ukrainian guy and I am 24 years old. I finished my University and searching a way to change my life I found the European Voluntary Service.

My EVS projects was all directed to children that every day have to deal with differents problems and sometimes this mean for them that they can't live their childhood but must behave like adults in order to survive.I had the possibility to choose which activity I would like to do during my Service. Between all I join a lot of differents activities. In the first few months I went to autistic centre helping young people studying differents subjects (mathematics, reading and speaking). I tried to reach the goal through games that can better catch children's attention.I join the activity in the  oncology centre and orphanage playing with children trying to make them feel happier, we also played logical games and trying a little bit to teach them English language.During my project I also organized English lessons for Turkish and Syrian children and joined the Conversation club in High School to make students practise their English language skill..

I was involved in the campaign to collect food for syrian and turkish's families in difficulties and collecting clothes for syrian refugees.In the beginning I couldn't speak English I thought I must improve my communication in a foreign language also because I need that to speak with members of my hosting organization (to prepare activities...). After the first three months I was able to speak English.During my project I met also people speaking Russian (other volunteers, during my trips or training) so I also improved my Russian Language.I tried also to communicate with local people in basic Turkish. During this experience I used my personal knowledge (from formal education) and I learned a lot through non formal and informal ones.

To arrive in a new environment improved my adaptation skills. I had to adapt to a new country, a new culture, a new language... I learned therefore to cope with the stress and the frustration of not being understood or of not being able to explain our own needs. I learned how to express myself clearly and to increase my understanding towards a different way of life in order to avoid any misunderstanding.

I also traveled through the country, what helped me to understand the history and the different groups of people. I tried to distinguish the different mechanism of local communities and the differences between the systems of values of various religious or ethnic groups.The choice to be an EVS volunteer was a challenge from the beginning. I choose it in order to discover another country and to get in touch with a totally different culture and especially to try myself.  At the end of my project of course I will recommend EVS to all the young people around me because it means challenge one's own life and try to change it. It's also the best opportunity to discover another country and get in touch with another culture.

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