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Moments of Evs in Istanbul......

Really I am here for 6 whole months.......... Yes my friends I am!!!!
It is hard to realise that you are in a different country, away from your common habits for so long time. I can say that this is on of the most amazing experience in my life.

EVS European Volunteer Service, one tool - one unique opportunity, especially if you are in Istanbul. Maybe i am going to exaggerate but EVS should be obligatory for doing in their life. This opportunity gives you a different aspect on your life. Volunteering is a noble activity for helping the people around us, those who has needs.

So I am living in Istanbul, in a neighbourhood that I can say that is a little bit conservative. This is something really different for my lifestyle and the habits of my ex-life. Really is so interesting for me to know that i am the only foreigner in the neighbourhood, because everybody knows that you are the "yabanci". I am saying goodmorning to the old ladies near my house, they know me and the smile at me, this the best way to start your day. On the other hand you can see the suspicious in some others' eyes, because you are foreigner, you are a threat in their ordinary life.

This is the big difference in Istanbul you can find everything and everybody. I must admit that my really close friends are foreigners and just only one or two people from Turkey. I think one of the reason is that if you can't speak Turkish you can't communicate at all with the Turkish people. Even if you can communicate sometimes is really difficult to understand your background and your previous life. Maybe is the culture gap, maybe the language barrier, but sometimes is impossible to have a really truly connection. But luckily for me I have a big fortune to have truly good friends and manage to have a really good communication. They are really few but precious. They are the best example of turkish culture, hospitality and kindness.

One thing that I have to mention is that Turkey is a really interesting country with a lot of differences and a lot of challenges. It's not only one country, I can say is three countries in one. The beauty of the view of Vosporos or the wild beauty of the mountains of Adrasan and the authenticity of the landscape of Mardin, it can make you to fell in love forever with this country. It's a country full of challenges, beauty, history and of course really delicious food. Turkey can seduce every person that want to live unique experiences.

As for my work here, I can say that is important for me. My work is to create awareness to young people about safety in work. I don't know how much is the impact on these young people, I hope is enough so that we can have less working accidents. But in this point, I am obligated to myself to say some things about the ways of education process and generally the educational system that i observe in my visits on schools. When the accident of Soma happened, i was give some presentations to youngsters about the safety in work, so I made a question: "Could this accident be avoid?" For my relief the most of the students said yes, but the teacher that he was teaching the class occupational health and safety he had another opinion and trying to pursuing the students that he has the right. If we want to be better and responsible people in the society we need to be open minded. I hope that with my volunteers work, I might put a small seed in the heart of these young people and they will be more responsible with their lives.

If I can make summary of my Evs I would say :
"Life is better when you experience different things and give to people the best of yourself."

EVS volunteer in Istanbul

Avaldatud: Teisip, 02/09/2014 - 10:11

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