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Ege University Cartoon and Humor Society

Interview with Uğur Önder -the President of Ege University Cartoon and Humor Society -

 They have a magazine that the members design. They are working in the 3rd edition which is called “Maytap”. This name is because of firecrackers. It is something metaphorical and they use this as an old expression for making jokes.  They invite some celebrities for stand up shows for free most of times related to this comic and caricature topics but once they invited one actor as well.


C: What topics do you work with?

U: We make some improvisation theatre. They are special trainers that offer themselves for volunteer lessons once a week. In the end of the course they make a impro show for everyone. Other topics are video design and photography. We do this in an amateur way.  This is actually a sub group that collaborates in other communities. Our members do these things like a flash mob for other communities’ events. We have the design group of caricatures, the one that is in charge of organization and the foundation, “Mizah yazarligi” as a sacarsm humor of politics, social responsibility that works in environment volunteering. Besides we also draw caricatures for illness children in hospitals and we play with them.


C:  How many members are you?

U: 200 active members.  450 they design for this term.  1200 in two years.


C: Is it necessary to belong to any political idea or religion to join the association?

U: Here’s no need to have a political opinion or a religion in order to join this community Caricature is opponent and it is important not to cross any lines while doing your job. We have to respect everyone’s political and religious opinions. The aim of the community is to support the improvment of sociable university students, emphasize productivity, creativity and team work and get people to take hobbies such as caricature drawing, improvisational theater, writing, short films and of course and entertain people and make memories.


C: Which projects have you done by far and which are you doing currently?

U: Community activities are currently going on. In most of the activities, we work with local communities or we work by the information we obtained from other communities. So far, we have arranged 5 festival organizations, 15 activities (causeries, theater show, social responsibility projects). In these organizations, we have hosted 35 names and we participated 9 festival organizations that were arranged by communities, corporations and institutions around us. And ve supported various social responsibility projects. Now our aim is to transfer all of these things to our new members and ensure that they will continue.


Trying to put in three words what characterize/define the association and make it different from others, he replies:


“Creative, teamwork, sociable”

Published: Mon, 09/06/2014 - 15:20

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