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Industrialisation in Kayseri and Young People

If half of learning is lesson, the other half is practice.

If half of learning is lesson, the other half is practice. When it is said the term “practice”, traineeship has come to mind so far in our country. Traineeships were performed after intensive education programs and they were formed according to the perspective of the student and traineeship institutions. However, today universities form programs of education institutions as focused practice.

Kayseri is one of the cities which take important steps to perform this change in education programs. It pays attention to working more intimately with industry in the departments at 4 universities (Erciyes, Melikşah, Nuh Naci Yazgan, Abdullah Gül) providing available service about powerful industry of the city. This case certainly causes positive results for both sides in terms of cooperation between university and industry. Some examples;

There are some companies in Tecnopark founded in Erciyes University which enable student to implement the projects they have learned. The students can connect with companies for traineeship and work in the office which was founded in cooperation with Tecnopark and University.

The students in foreign language courses in newly founded Abdullah Gül University have opportunity of implementing the knowledge they have achieved in the courses abroad (America). Probably, 10 years ago nobody would believe if someone was told that a state university would have such a program.

Industry is certainly not indifferent to this change in universities. In the companies which have been working with old methods so far, professional work environments, new production technics, ERP software etc. are becoming widespread.

We think that these developments have contributions to the improvement of the region in the sense of training and industry in Kayseri in TR72 Region for which we as Middle Anatolia Development Agency are responsible.


Written by the Eurodesk Turkey Multiplier Orta Anadolu Kalkınma Ajansı.

Published: Tue, 25/02/2014 - 12:36

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