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Science and Innovation in Turkey

Having a huge young population there is a big request to Science and Innovation in Turkey.

Having a huge young population there is a big request to Science and Innovation in Turkey. Those two terms are very close to each other in terms of their meanings and functions. You cannot think them separately.

There is a big improvement in Science and Innovation field in Turkey especially in the last decade. There are different reasons for that improvement. First of all, the technology has an important role in that improvement. Young people are interested in technology so much that they spend most of their times with technological devices and tools. When you ask a young about their future job you will get an answer related to Science and Innovation. It is very easy to support that saying when you look at the departments in High Schools.

In Turkey if you want to do a research in Science and Innovation field, you can easily find money supports from different organizations. For example, there are some public bodies which provide scholarships for your researches. As Turkish Society, we are very eager to follow the Innovation.

As Turkish Society we are open to Innovation. It is very important field in Turkey like in other countries.

Despite those expressions, there are some obstacles in front of Science and Innovation. The biggest obstacle is the politics. So it is not very common to see Scientists in Turkey. But we believe that Turkish Society will raise Scientist in future.


Written by the Eurodesk Turkey Multiplier Aksaray Provincial National Education Directorate Project Coordination Unit.

Közzétéve: k., 25/02/2014 - 12:27

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