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Contemporary drama association

Interview with Ayşenur Dağyaran, the president of Contemporary drama association (ÇAGDAS DRAMA DERNEGI)

This association works for education, psychology, sociology and mathematics.

In particular they help and guide in the process of education of the children and young people to know themselves, acquire communication skills, increasing democratic attitudes and develop their own personality and creativity in order to have a healthy approach in terms of drama.


Cynthia:  When was it founded?

Ayşenur: It was founded in 2007 and when I first entered I was a student, then in 2010 I became the major.


C: What is the philosophy and main ideas of the association?

A:  the main objective of the association is education and the use of creative drama as a method of conducting research, examining the relationship between theater and education efforts for the dissemination of this method.


C: What advantages do you get from coming here?

A: First you learn to know yourself, the environment, be confident. Understand everything using creative drama to introduce yourself better.


C: Tell me something about your projects and main activities, Aysenur.

A: We teach drama and instruct creative leader teachers in this club. There are regular lessons. We prepare some courses, concerts, workshops , entertainment activities, meetings in which we offer food,tea, we make  lotteries , raffles, trips and so on. You can see regular events in the publications and we safe material in tapes, records, CDs, albums , calendars etc.

To participate in club activities is limited to persons between the age of 15 to 25 mostly. In the youth clubs related to the associations there are other events such as voluntary youth work, work camps , campaigns, promotional activities , exhibitions, competitions and festivals.

Everything we do is connected to the area of theatre and drama.

In the field of abroad issues, we make exchange programs and official panels, symposiums and trainings.


Asking her to give a piece of recommendation to join Drama, she concludes:

“We can guide and help people to discover themselves in a good environment using drama.”


                                               Ayşenur Dağyaran - Çağdaş Drama Derneği Başkanı



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