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Youth in Turkey

Since the foundation of the Ministry of Youth and Sports in 2011, youth policy is getting more and more important is Turkey's future.

First of all there are some datas according the youth in Turkey. Several polls that made in Turkey shows that, in 2012 25.2% of Turkish population is consisted by youth men and women. Among all youth, 26% of young people have got neither a job nor get any education, 45% is continue to its studies and 28% is working.  By the end of 2012, there are 210 universities in Turkey and 3,529,334 is educated in these universities. http://www.sebeke.org.tr

 The only article is about youth is :

Article 58: The state shall take measures to ensure the training and development of the youth into whose keeping our state, independence, and our Republic are entrusted, in the light of contemporary science, in line with the principles and reforms of Atatürk, and in opposition to ideas aiming at the destruction of the indivisible integrity of the state with its territory and nation.
The state shall take necessary measures to protect youth from addiction to alcohol and drugs, crime as well as gambling, and similar vices, and ignorance.

Turkey hasn't got any youth policy but it started to create it since 2008. In early May, 44 youth NGOs came together and issued a call for the Turkish government to develop a youth strategy for Turkey. In their press release, youth NGOs stated that they support the recommendations brought forward by the 2008 Human Development Report: Youth in Turkey – published by UNDP – in developing a holistic and comprehensive youth policy with the active participation and contribution of the public and private sectors as well as NGOs.

The youth NGOs stressed that youth with their successes, aspirations and projects make up the dynamics of Turkey and noted that developing, protecting and expanding these dynamics are crucial. Youth NGOs stated that youth are the architects of the Turkey they want to see in the future and that investments needed to be made in youth to ensure a better Turkey in the future. The supporting NGOs stated that ensuring equal participation into societal and political activities was one of the ways to increase life quality and warned the government not to see youth as a “problem that needs to be solved”.

Since 2011, Ministry for Youth and Sports is working on creating a Turkish Youth Policy by arranging several meeting with the representatives of non-governmental youth oraganisations. The latest meeting was in Ankara in the mid of May 2013. Both NGOs and Ministry is working on developing youth policy paper and implementing it as soon as possible.

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