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Consumer Rights in Turkey

Law on the Protection of Consumers

The purposes of the Law on the Protection of Consumers protection are as follows:

- to take the precautions for protecting the health, security, and the economic benefits of the consumer, for enlightening, and educating the consumer, for recovering the damages suffered by the consumer and for enabling the consumer to protect from the environmental hazards;

- to encourage the attempts of the consumers for protecting themselves, and

- to regulate the issues related to stimulating the voluntary organization during the formation process of the policies in this issue.

At the same time, the Law Pertaining to Preparation and Implementation of the Technical Legislation related to Product No. 4703 to provide the establishment of the infrastructure required for effectively exercising the EU technical legislation, the harmonization process of which continues. The issues such as supplying conditions of these products and the responsibilities of the instructors and distributors, market monitoring and supervision, prohibition related to supplying the insecure goods into market, collecting and destroying them, the working procedure and essentials of the concordance assessment institutions to act in concordance assessments, punitive sanctions, the notifications to be submitted to EU commission and EU member countries. The regulations, which regulate the application procedure and essentials of this law, have been put into force.
In Article 16 of the Law Pertaining to Consumer Rights: the commercial advertisements and announcements shall be fair, true and in accordance with the laws, with the principles determined by the advertisement board, with the public morality and individual rights. No advertisements and announcements and camouflaged advertising which deceive, mislead the consumer or exploit their deficiencies in experience and information, which threaten the life and property security of the consumer, which encourage the violence acts and committing a crime, which exploit the diseases damaging the public health, the elderly, the children and the disabled, shall be published. The advertisements related to competitive goods and services, which serve for the similar necessities or relate to the same purpose are allowed. The advertiser is liable with proving the concrete claims taking place in the commercial advertisement and announcement. The owners of the advertisements, the advertisers and the channel corporations are liable with complying with the provision of this article. In this article it is required that the sale of the products which should not be necessarily purchased for the purpose of making use of the weaknesses of the unconscious or uninformed consumers and it is stated that the advertisement and the principles related to advertisement will be determined by the advertisement board. The prevention of the publication of the exaggerated advertisements and the proof of the claimed element in the advertisement by the advertisement owner, and in case it proves  that the advertisement is decisive, the advertisement owner will be hold responsible are provided for in the article.



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