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Youth Guarantee - one year on

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What has the Youth Guarantee programme achieved in the various EU countries?

The Youth Guarantee was launched throughout the EU in 2013 to tackle growing youth unemployment and regional disparities across Europe. It guarantees that people under 25 will be offered employment, education, training or an apprenticeship within 4 months of losing their job or leaving school. Read our other article on the Youth Guarantee.


In 2014, the European Commission helped EU countries develop their own national Youth Guarantee Implementation Plans, identifying the measures to be taken case by case. In addition, the Employment Committee has developed an indicator framework for monitoring the Youth Guarantee in all EU countries.


Real improvements

Most EU countries have taken some action and introduced employment and education reforms. Some have made substantial efforts and achieved improvements. Examples include: Cyprus, Estonia, Finland, France, Ireland, Poland, Portugal and Romania. Find out more here.


The Commission has made available almost €1 bn to pre-finance the Youth Employment Initiative. The European Social Fund is another funding source.



  • Romania - 27 Youth Guarantee centres were created with European Social Fund support.
  • Italy, Portugal & Spain - an e-portal enabled young people to send in Youth Guarantee data to a national register.
  • Slovenia, Lithuania & Belgium - public employment services were set up or strengthened
  • France, Portugal & Spain -  renewed focus on the quality of education & training
  • Poland, Latvia & Finland – the transition from school to work was made easier.


For more details and case studies, read this.


Published: Thu, 03/12/2015 - 14:04

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