#EUSolidarityCorps Song Contest - Terms and Conditions

Take part in the European Solidarity Corps Song Contest and have a chance to win a European Solidarity Corps promotion kit. In the fourteenth round we are looking for:

                                                                          Unleash your magic!

                                                               Your European Solidarity Corps song!

Show us what you have explored and experienced during your European Solidarity Corps activity and you could be one of the lucky winners!

How does it work?

The fourteenth round is open from 15.01.2021  - 28.02.2021

To take part in the contest, just follow these 7 easy steps:

  1. Access the European Solidarity Corps App on your mobile phone. Please make sure that you have the version 1.6.0. 



     2. Login with your European Solidarity Corps credentials.

    3. Click on “Contests & Events” and follow the instructions in the app. While the contest is running, you can record your song/video directly in the app or upload it from your mobile phone’s video gallery. Please record your song/video holding your phone horizontally. Your file should not exceed 5 minutes of recording . 


    N.B.: The current implementation for iPhones only allows to upload from the phone’s video gallery and no direct recording in the app.

   4. You will be the only person to have access to your song in “My Journal” in the app. It is invisible for the general public.

   5. You can play your song in the app. Should you not be satisfied, you can swap your song in the app at any moment until the deadline of the contest.

   6. Give a title and a brief explanation on the song, stating why it represents your magic moment with the European Solidarity Corps (title: minimum 2 maximum 100 characters and description: minimum 100 maximum 500 characters).

   7. Should people appear in your song/video, make sure that you have the consent of all the people in the images (see the authorisation forms further down)

Please note that we are looking for songs, which represent the ideals, values and the true spirit of the European Solidarity Corps (check the European Solidarity Corps mission and principles below).

You have the right to withdraw your song at any moment of the contest. You can withdraw the song directly in the app, while the contest is still running. Just delete your entry. After the deadline you can send an email to eu-solidarity-corps@ec.europa.eu and request the deletion in our database. 

All submitted songs will be deleted from our database at the end of the contest except for the top 10 finalists.

By submitting your song you give the consent to the European Commission to possibly use the song free of charge for the existence of the European Solidarity Corps Programme and its successor programmes. The song might be adapted to fit technical requirements and respond to the audio requirements of the European Solidarity Corps.

By entering the song contest and/or accepting a prize, entrants transfer any rights on the entered song to the European Commission and consent to the use of their song for publicity, advertising or informational purposes carried out by the European Commission and multipliers for the European Solidarity Corps in any medium or format without further notice or compensation.

If your song meets the above mentioned criteria, you could become one of the #EUSolidarityCorps contest monthly winners!

How will the winners be selected?

The contest is open to anybody creative and inspired by the European Solidarity Corps aged 18 to 31, registered on the European Solidarity Corps Portal and who is currently in an activity or was in an ESC activity previously.

A professional jury including creative and social media experts will select the up to 10 finalists. The most appealing song, which meets the requirements of the competition, will win.

The finalists selected by the jury will be displayed in the app. Please make sure to download version 1.6.1. in February 2021 and cast your vote in the app. The best song will be chosen by 50 points jury vote and 50 points app voting. See below an example on the selection:

1 – Count - total number of votes received from the jury members
2 – Jury points -    winner with the highest number of votes receives 50 points; other winners receive fewer points in proportion to the number of votes obtained
3 – Votes - total number of votes received by public voting (each voter is counted as one vote)
4 – Score - percentage of stars received from each voter (each voter could give up to 5 stars; 5 stars = 100)
5 – Public voting - number of votes multiplied by the score
6 – Public points - winner with the highest number of the public voting receives 50 points; other winners receive fewer points in proportion to the public voting outcome
7 – Final points - the sum of jury points and public points determines the final points
8 – Ranking-    the winner with the highest number of final points is ranked first; the other ones are ranked accordingly

The finalists will be contacted by email by the European Solidarity Corps team, which is managing the prizes for this contest on behalf of the European Commission. Participants should keep an eye on their incoming emails and make sure they reply within seven working days to the emails sent by the team. With no reply from them, another participant will be chosen as a finalist. The songs of the finalists will be announced and promoted for public voting in the app in the month following the deadline to the contest on some or all of the following social media platforms: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram.

What are the prizes?

Up to ten finalists will receive a European Solidarity Corps promotion kit and a voucher of a value of 100 €. In addition, a single song will be selected as the winning song after public voting in the app. The person who submits the winning song will receive an Interrail ticket to travel to up to seven EU destinations for the maximum of one month or a voucher of the same value.

Just for you to know …

Be original. You must be the sole author and owner of the copyright to the song you submitted.

The protection of personal data is important for the European Union and its institutions. Therefore:

  • Check the privacy statement
  • Don’t include images or soundtrack of private people without their consent.
  • In the case of children, ask their parents for permission.
  • Make sure to obtain from those who are in the image(s) or whose soundtrack you submit the written authorisation for publishing these images/soundtrack on the website(s), Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, EUtube of the European Commission and its multiplier organisations like national agencies, Eurodesk, SALTO etc. in the context of the European Solidarity Corps.

Keep in mind, that
a)    you should keep these authorisation forms/letters in a safe place for the period of the contest up to 6 months or until you receive a prior personal message from the organising body, stating that you are freed from this obligation, which actually only aims at protecting YOU from claims on behalf of one of your photo subjects.
b)    only the finalists will be later asked separately to sign the authorisation, assignment of rights and licences form of the European Commission Audiovisual Service for deposit of the song/video into the Audiovisual Services Archive.

- Authorisation for sound


- Authorisation for video


- Assignment of rights
- Licence form: 

Don’t over-edit. Basic cropping, colour correction and retouching are acceptable. Special effects, computer-generated images and other heavy modifications should be avoided.

Stay safe. Do not put yourself or others in danger when recording your song.

Check out the mission and principles of the European Solidarity Corps:

  • Mission:

  -  Bringing together young people to build a more inclusive society;
  -  Supporting vulnerable people;
  -   Responding to societal challenges.

  • Principles:

   - Embracing the values of solidarity, respect for human dignity and human rights, and believing in the promotion of a fair and equal society in which pluralism, non-discrimination, tolerance, justice, solidarity and equality prevail;
   - Striving to enhance solidarity between people across the European Union and beyond, while respecting their cultures and their traditions, and aiming to build a community of shared responsibilities and mutual support;
   - Willing to make meaningful contributions to society and showing solidarity, cooperation and mutual understanding;

There is a limit of one song per round you can submit. Please be aware that you can only win maximum one prize per round in the #EUSolidarityCorps contest.

By sending an email to eu-solidarity-corps@ec.europa.eu you can request to have your song removed by the European Solidarity Corps team after the end of the contest. During the contest you can withdraw your song at any time directly from the app.

We have the right to disqualify any song if we have reasons to believe that you have not followed the rules of the contest.

By participating in the #EUSolidarityCorps contest, the winning finalists give consent to the European Commission to use the song for their own publicity purposes and communication on local, regional, national and European level for the existence of the European Solidarity Corps programme and its successor programmes to come.

This contest is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram or Twitter. Entrants discharge Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Youtube and Twitter from any kind of responsibility in relation to this contest.

The organiser reserves the right to change or replace the contest prizes and/or modify the rules and regulations of the contest as and when necessary, without prior notice.

By submitting an song for the contest, the participant will be regarded as having accepted and agreed to be bound by the rules and regulations of the contest.

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