Song contest


    I know a place

    Lucía from Spain

    I'm volunteering at Tour du Valat, a research and conservation institute for Mediterranean wetlands, in the Camargue, France. I live in a nature reserve, together with many other people who also work here, so it's living completely immersed in nature with people who have a passion for and knowledge about it, which is wonderful. My main mission is to manage an international alliance of Mediterranean NGOs and institutions working to protect wetlands (the Mediterranean Alliance for Wetlands). It is very interesting because of the variety of activities we are involved in. However, I also do participate in countless other things working directly on the ground, which I also enjoy very much: from ringing Spoonbill birds, inventorying fish species, setting bat nests, measuring greenhouse gases, etc. It is impossible for me to get bored.This place is exciting, full of wonderful people that I am learning from every day. It turns out to be like a huge laboratory around conservation.

    Join for Solidarity

    Una from Latvia

    On 2019 a group of young people (including me) realized solidarity project “Izaicaicinājums kubā” in Aluksne, Latvia. This project gave our local community a true solidarity feeling, because 3 groups of society (youth, local society, decision makers)

    Solidarity Unifies Us

    Paula from Germany

    My magical moments during my ESC volunteering experience were definitely all the small and big happenings, in which I felt that, in the end, we are not that different.Although we all have different backgrounds,different languages and different values

    Being a volunteer

    Nicole from Austria

    Singing a song about the volunteering experience.

    Beach in Malibu

    Marijana from North Macedonia

    Life was dull and boring. All we did was try to escape the everyday monotony; dream of our ideal place to be - imagining ourselves on the beach in Malibu.

    Los Chupitos

    Kristjan from Estonia

    During my EVS in Spain I was working in Erasmus Student Network Office in Cartagena and many times I was included in several events where I celebrated good times with lot of international students.

    The volunteer song

    Estelle from France

    Song about a volunteering experience. We can see the routine of three volunteers at the same time in different vertical bars and at the end, the bars mix when they meet in the organization to make a concert.

    The new world

    Anna from Russian Federation

    I had many magic moments during my volunteering. Travelling, working, creating new things. This all we were making hand to hand with people I met during my experience.

    Thank you / Dziekuje bardzo

    Anna from Austria

    One of my magic moments in Poland was the first concert I took part in. It was the first time I met the town's senior's club and although we didn't share the same language, through music we could understand each other perfectly.