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Cultural projects in Flers -Normandy

Flers, France

Lhůta pro zasílání přihlášek skončila.

Popis projektu

You will be hosted in the museum of Flers for 8 month. In this project you will be able to participate in the actions of the program of the museum and you can also create cultural projects linked to the activities of the museum. For exemple : help the team of the museum to animate the visits of the museums and the different workshops for the public of the museum (families, school classes, ...) According to your skills and wishes you can create different artistic workshops in the museum and in partner organisations. You can also share your culture during different workshops with the population of Flers. There are several cultural institutions in our cities and you can also create a transversal project for the whole territory. You can also participate in the projects of the library and create different workshops around books, reading, litterature, linguistic workshops. There are many other volunteers in our city and you can also create projects together with them.

Ubytování, stravování, doprava

You will be accommodated in the Foyer des Jeunes Travailleurs (young workers’ hostel). This place is situated in the heart of the city-center of Flers and it is managed by agents of the community of Flers Agglo. This place of residence is a good environment for exchanges and will permit not to isolate the young volunteers. This young workers’ hostel is the perfect place to spend 8 months in Flers. It is situated closed to the bus station, the train station, the library, the music school, a concert hall, a park and sports equipment. You will get pocket and food money and bus card.

Školení během projektu

Erasmus+ training : on arrival training and mid term evaluation. By discovering the work of the cultural workers of the city, you will also be trained in different working techniques linked to youth work and cultural work.

Profil dobrovolníka

You are between 18 and 30 years old. You are open minded and interested in artistic and cultural projects. You like history and literature and you want to learn about the history of Flers. You like to be in contact with children and to learn to work with them. You will be in a french speaking environment and you want to learn French quickly :-) Please send us your your application via the following link : https://framaforms.org/evs-application-flers-france-2019-1541749420

Období činnosti

A total of 32 week(s) during the period 15/01/2019 to 31/08/2019

Místo činnosti

1 Rue du 6 juin, 61100 Flers France

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Témata činnosti

Kreativita a kultura

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