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Koli National Park and Koli Nature Centre Ukko

Metsähallitus / Koli National Park and Koli Nature Centre Ukko

Lieksa, Finland

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Koli National Park is one of Finland’s 39 national parks, which are run by Metsähallitus. Koli’s hills, lakes and forests provide a beautiful scenery for enjoyable outdoor activities at any time of year. The Nature Centre is the heart of the activities and the volunteer tasks in the national park. The nature centre Ukko offers hiking and tourist information services, guided tours, national park rental hut bookings, conference services and there is also a small café. Tasks vary a lot from customer service tasks in the nature centre to conservation volunteering or construction work in the nature. . We are looking for outdoor-oriented volunteers, who are interested in the Finnish nature and motivated to... >>> See the full description at NB! in order to apply, we require that you fill in an application form which can be found from the mentioned link besides clinking “Apply” here at the European Solidarity Coprs portal.

Beitrag zu Unterbringung, Verpflegung und Reisekosten

The volunteer will be offered modest accommodation in a house within walking distance from the nature Centre Ukko. The participant must be able to adapt in modest living conditions.


The tasks often physical labor in field conditions, and the volunteer should be able to adopt to a variety of tasks. Our protected areas are located in remote places (no good public transportation), so we are looking for an outdoor-oriented volunteer motivated to live surrounded by nature and oriented to live through the seasons in Finland – also the long, dark and cold winter. Moderate English skills are required. If you have good photography skills or other interest in developing our media channels, we welcome your expertise. Tasks are planned at the start in co-operation with the volunteer.


A total of 43 week(s) during the period 07/01/2019 to 06/11/2019


Ylä-Kolintie 39, 83960 Lieksa

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Umwelt- und Naturschutz


Bewerbungsfrist: 11/10/2018