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Dogs shelter in Moldova : fight for animal rights

Association for the protection of homeless animals: ALGA

Chisinau, Moldova (Republic of)

Project description

We are looking for a volunteer for a one-year-EVS project, starting as soon as possible, in Chisinau. The volunteer will take care of dogs and work together on the promotion of animal rights in Moldova: -writing articles on animals rights and ALGA activities for the web-page, for social networks, for local newspapers and Internet info portals -doing PR and meeting with media representatives and giving itws about ALGA work and the situation with animals rights in the home countries of EVS volunteers -helping in organizing events such as concerts with local artists, in order to raise awareness and to fundraise money for the association -organizing meetings with children in schools to inform them on how to respect animals rights -suggesting events to organize for the international Day of Animals Rights - to play and take out for walks the animals - to feed the animal,clean and take care of the cages -updating website about current residents of the two shelters and much more

Accommodation, food and transport arrangements

The volunteer will stay either in a flat or with a host family (private room in both cases), internet connexion provided. For food and transport arrangements, the volunteer will receive a food allowance and local transport will be provided by the hosting organization. For more infos or to apply to this project, please send your motivation letter and your CV to Michaela Rohmann,

Training during the project

The volunteer will be introduced to the Youthpass before they leave The UK by sending organization, as well as attending a developed session on Youthpass competencies during their On Arrival Training and again in the Mid term evaluation : There will be a pre-departure meeting with the sending organization

Volunteer profile

-be able to work independently and in a team -willing to take initiative -sociable, patient, flexible -willing to learn local language -efficiency and ability to work effectively in stressful conditions and situations -good knowledge of English and working on PC is preferred -to love animals and to be very motivated to improve their living conditions in a country with no laws to protect animals -to be ready to do physical work in any weather conditions -It would be appreciated if the volunteer would have an experience in volunteering for an animal shelter in his/her own country

Placement dates

A total of 52 week(s) during the period 01/11/2018 to 30/11/2019

Placement location

COGILNICEANU, 46 F.10 Chisinau

Looking for volunteers from

United Kingdom

Placement topics

Social challenges

Citizenship and democratic participation

Environment and natural protection

Placement deadline

No application deadline