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Associação Mais Cidadania

Lisboa, Portugal

The application deadline has passed.

Project description

Associaciação Mais Cidadania (AMC) is a European Non-profit NGO that operates in Bairro Alto, Lisboa (Portugal), since 2003. Their mission is: - to promote Citizenship through cooperation with local and international partnerships: - to train youngsters and young adults to share competencies and skills as a tool to serve society; - to contribute for a responsible and active involvement of citizens in civil society and in the construction of solutions for the challenges of modern society. They believe: - in the strenght of non-formal education as a methodology to acquire new competences and know-how both at personal and professional level; - in the potential of cooperation with an efficient and active network; - that every individual can and should contribute for a better world, to turn the society more participative, solidary, inclusive, democratic and human.

Training during the project

Description of the activities and tasks: - actively take part in the trainings provided by AMC (On-arrival training,Youthpass, Conflict Resolution, Volunteering, Human Rights, Global Education, No Hate Speech and others that the organisation believes to be relevant according to the work led); - be part of the day-by-day of the organisation and actively be part of all activities and dimentions of AMC’s work (in the office, with the youth centers, with local partners...); - actively take part in the local Food Bank (once a month); and more...

Volunteer profile

The volunteer should: - be interested to live and work in a multicultural and cooperative environment; - respect all times the ways of work and methodologies of the organisation; - available to learn about the work developed by AMC under the framework of Non- Profit Organisations and Non Formal Education; - able to work with everyone (all people involved from different teams and projects) with kindness and availability; - interested in developing intercultural and intergenerational learning and dialogue (in daily life during the project at local and international levels); - (...)

Placement dates

A total of 26 week(s) during the period 06/01/2019 to 05/07/2019

Placement location

Rua do Teixeira, no 13, Lisboa

Looking for volunteers from


Placement topics

Citizenship and democratic participation

Placement deadline

Application deadline: 05/10/2018