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Discover Klubicko - 1 year in family centre Kromeriz

Klubicko Kromeriz, z.s.

Kromeriz, Czech Republic

The application deadline has passed.

Project description

Join us for 12 months and participate in Klubíčko programs and activities of the center, but also in the partner organizations as are primary schools, secondary schools, grammar schools and a library. Family center „Klubíčko Kroměříž, z. s.“ lying to the east of the Czech Republic, in town Kromeriz, is a center of joint meeting of families with children. The Center offers community space, education, counseling and recreational activities.volunteer will always be guided by the teacher/lecturer. They will be motivated for independent work in leadership activities that they will have the opportunity to choose. They will also be motivated to implement new ideas and activities. Activities in which volunteers would be able to engage: English nursery, Afternoon Club for elementary school children, Afternoon with Montessori elements, dance and art activity, teaching English and French, suburban camps, tourist activities for families, clubs for parents and children

Accommodation, food and transport arrangements

Accommodation is provided in a rented apartment with standard simple equipment. Each volunteer has their own separate room. Bathroom, WC and fully equipped kitchen are shared. Volunteers will receive an allownace for meals according to the program. Supermarkets, school canteens and restaurants are nearby. The volunteer will arrive at the airport and make their way to Kroměříž where we will get acquainted with the volunteer and take him/her to their accomodation. At the same time we find out their needs upon arrival and provide first purchase of food.

Training during the project

Training will take place in several stages. We will communicate with the volunteer prior to arrival Kroměříž when they familarize with our activities. It will also be very intense after the arrival of volunteers, who by this point will be familiar with the specific rules primarily in place with working with children. Training will take place throughout the project, especially sharing the experience with our qualified teachers during the implementation of their own ideas and projects. Volunteers will be trained in the care of preschool children by qualified instructors (teachers).

Volunteer profile

Due to the fact that our organization is focused primarily on target groups of families and preschool children, the volunteer should have a willingness to work with children under 6 years. We are looking for young people who are ready to learn new things, who are open to new challenges and to new possibilities, who are communicative, creative and friendly.

Placement dates

A total of 52 week(s) during the period 01/10/2018 to 29/02/2020

Placement location

Albertova 4062/8, 76701 Kromeriz

Looking for volunteers from

United Kingdom, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Germany, Denmark, Greece, Spain, Finland, Ireland, Slovenia, Iceland, Italy, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Croatia, Romania, Hungary, North Macedonia

Placement topics

Creativity and culture

Placement deadline

Application deadline: 31/10/2018